Fall '16-'17 CS 269I: Incentives in Computer Science
New course by Tim Roughgarden on various intersection points between computer science and game theory, such as matching markets, prediction markets, incentives in Bitcoin and Bittorrent, sponsored search auctions and more. Responsible for office hours, grading and proofreading lecture notes.

Fall '15-'16 CS 261: A Second Course in Algorithms
An advanced course in algorithms focusing on flow problems, linear programming and duality, and other advanced topics. Responsible for office hours and grading.

Spring '14-'15 CS 168: Modern Algorithmic Toolbox
New course by Tim Roughgarden and Greg Valiant about the algorithmic and theory that are most useful in practice today. Since it is a new course, I have had to design multiple homeworks, proofread lecture notes and hold office hours.

Winter '13-'14 CS 364B Frontiers in Mechanism Design [link]
The TA for Tim Roughgarden's advanced class on the Frontiers of Mechanism Design.

Fall '13-'14 CS 364A Algorithmic Game Theory [link]
One of the two TAs for Tim Roughgarden's class on Algorithmic Game Theory.