Okke Schrijvers
Ph.D. candidate

Gates Building, room 482
353 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA 94305


Short Bio

Okke Schrijvers is a PhD student in computer science at Stanford University, co-editor in chief for the ACM magazine XRDS, and will join Facebook's core data science team in July 2017. At Stanford, his advisor is Tim Roughgarden and his research focuses on different aspects of algorithmic game theory, sometimes meandering in the field of learning theory. In addition to research, he has been active in the CS department where he helps to organize the Admit Weekend for Prospective CS PhD students, organized the department's TGIF, and has reviewed applications for the PhD admissions committee. As co-editor in chief of XRDS he oversees the publication of the premier CS student magazine, and occasionally authors the letter from the editors.

One of Okke's goals is to increase the awareness among Dutch students of the possibility to do a PhD in the US, and supply them with all the information they need to apply. As a part of this, he wrote an informal document debunking existing myths and explaining the process [pdf]. He alse co-founded the UCAN (University Connection America-the Netherlands) initiative with the purpose of raising awareness and providing information; as a UCAN ambassador he gives presentations at Dutch universities and interested organizations.

Okke received his Master's Degree in CS with honors from Eindhoven University of Technology in 2012 and his Bachelor's Degree in CS with honors from Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen in 2008. Before his interest in Algorithm Design developed he had various programming jobs in the video game industry. The longest position he held between his Bachelor's and Master's, when he was a full-time employee at Playlogic Game Factory, working on the PlayStation 3 game EyePet in collaboration with Sony London Studios.