Welcome!: ようこそ!めんそ~れ~!

Okinawa is found in the southern part of Japan, and has a distinct regional culture and history. The Indianapolis-based Okinawa Yu-Yu-Kai (or, 遊友会--fun and friendship association) has shared many traditions from Okinawa with Indiana residents over the years, including Okinawan language, music, and dance.

Yu-Yu-Kai is always open to new members, especially those interested in joining our eisa group! If you are interested in Okinawan culture, dance, and music, please contact us by e-mail--dancing isn't required--we welcome those who are interested in learning more about Okinawan culture, we welcome you.

We have eisa practice groups that meet weekly in Indianapolis and Bloomington, and we get together once a month for a practice together.

President: Lin Yu-Jung
Vice President: Hanako Gavia
Dance Instructor: Mineko Grunow
Goodwill Ambassador: Kate Schramm