Images of Sanshin


The above is an image of two Okinawa Sanshin's.

another sanshin pictureTo the left is a Sanshin without a bridge. This Sanshin has real snake skin. Sanishin's are usually stored without a bridge, because then there is less pressure on the body of the Sanshin.

sanshin pictureTo the right is another Sanshin, except this one has artificial snake skin. Also, it has a wooden bridge holding up the strings. Wooden bridges make a better sound than plastic bridges but plastic bridges don't break.

top two sanshin picture

To the left is the top of two Sanshins with different types of tuning knobs. The one on the left is a higher quality Sanshin.

two sanshin side image

To the right is the side of two different Sanshin's. The one that is green has real snake skin and the other one has artificial snake skin.

sanshin pick imageThis is a finger pick for a Sanshin. You stick your pointer finger into the hole in the bottom of the pick.

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