Okinawa JALT Programs for 2019

    • April 7 (Sun) - HOLT: Hands-On Language Teaching with Gaby Benthien, in conjunction with the Young Learners SIG  
      • Time: 14:00-17:00
      • Venue: University of the Ryukyus FLU General Education Building #3, Room 403(共通教育3号棟403号室)Map
      • Title: Toward 2020: Teaching non-English Primary Majors the Basics of L2 Teaching
      • Speaker: Gaby Benthien (BEd, MEd, EdD) is Associate Professor at Shumei University in Chiba, and Adjunct Lecturer at Chuo University in Tokyo. She has had a long career teaching foreign languages to a range of age levels, and previously taught Japanese at primary and secondary schools in Australia. She spent six years as an ALT in Yamanashi before moving into tertiary education in 2005. Gaby currently teaches two English-teaching related subjects to non-English primary education majors, and has run relicensing workshops for in-service teachers for the past five years. Her research interests include SLA, L2 motivation, L2 education, teacher education and development, socio-cultural aspects of education, intercultural communication and study abroad.

    • June 21-23 (Fri-Sun) - Okinawa JALT 2019 Language Teaching Summer Symposium 
      • Call for Papers up now! Visit the website below for more information.
      • Rod Ellis, Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, David Kluge
      • http://tinyurl.com/okinawa2019
      • Venue: Tiruru, Center for Gender Equality, Naha.
    • October 5 (Sat) - 21CLT: 21st Century Language Teaching Conference at Okinawa AMICUS International
      • Details coming soon!

    See below for more information about our past events.

    Okinawa JALT Programs for 2018

    • March 25 (Sun) - Okinawa Spring Language Teaching Symposium at OIST
    • May 26 (Sat) - HOLT: Hands-On Language Teaching Workshop at Okinawa AMICUS International
    • July 21-22 (Sat-Sun) - Okinawa Language Teaching Summer Symposium & Retreat at OIST Seaside House

    • November 2-4 (Fri-Sun) - Speech, Drama and Debate Conference
      • Theme: Performance-Assisted Learning (PAL) - Short presentations, poster presentations and workshops
      • Venue: Mahaina Wellness Resort, 1456 Azayamakawa, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
      • Program:
        • Nov. 2 (19:00~): Pre-conference Orientation, Pre-registration, Pre-conference Networking Event
        • Nov. 3: Presentations and Networking Event
        • Nov. 4: Presentations and Cultural Event (Ocean Expo Commemorative National Park)

    • November 17 (Sat) -  JALT Conference Warm-Up & OkiJALT Annual General Meeting (AGM)
      • Time: 14:00-17:00
      • Venue: Ryukyu University, FLU General Education Building #3, Room 403(共通教育3号棟403号室)Map
      • Guest speaker: Adam Lebowitz (Ph.D.)

    See below for more information about our upcoming events!

    JALT Annual Conference 2018


     44th Annual International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning
             & Educational Materials Exhibition

    Venue: Shizuoka Convention & Arts Center (Granship, Shizuoka City)

    Dates: November 23 (Fri) to November 26 (Mon), 2018

    More information: https://jalt.org/conference

    NEWS: New officers

    During our Annual General Meeting on November 17 (Sat), we confirmed the names and positions of our new team:
    • President: George MacLean (University of the Ryukyus)
    • Treasurer: Adam Murray (University of the Ryukyus)
    • Program Chair: Princess Limos (Okinawa AMICUS International)
    • Membership Chair: Grant Ostermann (FES International)
    • Publicity Chair: Barry Keith (University of the Ryukyus)
    • Publicity Co-chair: Nadine Richard (Académie de La Réunion)

    JALT Conference Warm-Up & OkiJALT Annual General Meeting (AGM)

    Time: 14:00-17:00
    Place: Ryukyu University, FLU General Education Building #3, Room 403(共通教育3号棟403号室)

    Okinawa JALT invites all presenters going to the main JALT conference in Shizuoka this year to come to Ryukyu university to share their presentations with a small audience a week before their big day. Consider it a practice round. If you are interested in doing a presentation please get in touch with the program chair of Okinawa JALT.

    Once all presentations are done, Okinawa JALT will hold its annual general meeting (AGM).

    st speaker: Adam Lebowitz (presentation in English, slides in English and Japanese)

    Title: Cultural and Quantitative Analytical Approaches to Disaster Research: An Introduction - 日本と災害:文化論と定量分析の入門

    Abstract: This country’s first recorded historical disaster appears in the Nihon-Shogi. With such a long history, how can disasters be understood from a cultural or social context? What have been some political impacts? This lecture is an introduction to analyzing disasters using these approaches. Included are discussions of recent psychological methods in 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake research, and activities of the United Nations.

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