1.  Flint & Steel Kit:
  • Bundle of dried tinder -- jute twine, dried inter bark of cottonwood or cedar trees, tow...
  • Flint
  • Striker
  • Small Beeswax Candles
  • Once dipped Candle Wicks
  • Small Char Tin
  • Char -- cotton or linen cloth, punk wood, touchwood...
  • Small slivers of Pitch Pine
  • Carrying Pouch
NOTE:  It is a good practice to keep an extra bundle of tinder in your bedroll.  When it is time to build a fire it is best to use tinder you find in nature and save the bundle in your kit and bedroll for emergencies like when everything around you is soaking wet or it is to dark to find tinder in the campsite area.  When out and about in the woods always be on the lookout for good sources of tinder & replenish the tender in your kit if necessary.  Also, keep a look out for sources of punk wood and touchwood to make future char.

2.  Fishing Kit: