OKBQA (Open Knowledge Base and Question Answering) is an open community for advancing technology of knowledge base (KB) and question answering (QA). The OKBQA hackathon series is organized to bring together leading experts of relevant areas and also enthusiastic new potential contributors to advance the technology.

It is our great pleasure that the OKBQA framework, a web-based modular framework to promote open collaboration for development of QA systems, is now presenting its demo for question-answering in two languages, English and Korean. For more detail about the OKBQA framework, please take a look the OKBQA-hub site.

The OKBQA framework and its modules are developed as open source software. We believe any interested party interested in developing a QA system can get benefit from it. Also, opportunity for your contribution is absolutely open. We believe OKBQA-5 will be an ideal chance to make a new breakthrough in the collaboration.

During the hackathon, participants will be experimenting with state-of-the-art modules, making improvement to the modules, designing and implementing new modules, and evaluating daily advancements based on benchmark data sets. The pre-hackathon tutorial will help interested people to learn about the OKBQA framework and relevant technology. The Symposium will present talks about cutting-edge technology from leading experts.


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