Why Android?

Once the members of the team decided we wanted to launch an initiative to create and sell small videogames all over the world, we had to decide which technology we may use for that.

Our first approach was simple and quick to understand: since Java was well known by our team mates devoted to programming, it would be easier to develop and implement games on Android. You know Android and Java have a strong relationship. This was our first thought.

But later, as our biz team mates started to study Android deeper from a market point of view, we realized it was a very nice strategic option. When we started, on summer 2010, Android was the mobile OS with more potential, but by the end of the year it became the leader!

Things are changing so quickly within the mobile games sector, and Android is leading more and more, week after week.

ArenĀ“t you sure about this statement? It is a fact. We talk about this every day, sharing our thoughts and discoveries and data on our Twitter (preferable) and Facebook accounts.