Our game: Vector Ace

Vector Ace opens a new genera of strategic races, setting for the interactive world
the old paper-and-pencil game played by so many people over the world to learn and enjoy with the theory of vectors

The game consists on two vectors running on a circuit and competing to reach the finish line first and achieving more points than the rival. To control your vector´s movements, you may choose between 9 points set in the racetrack according to you previous turn. There is a complete collection of rules and history of the traditional paper-and-pencil game (that apply also to the videogame) at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racetrack_(game)

According to its rules, Vector Ace opens a completely brand new genera in videogames, a mix between race games and strategy ones, and it will be a nice new option for fans of those kind of games and videogame lovers in general. On mobile! Every game may be played in some minutes, so it could also be considered a casual game, ideal for modern life

Vector Ace is a completely free-to-play game, and the company foresees to make it grow from time to time by new versions that may include extra features such us new circuits, rivals, themes, etc.

You may download it completely free on the Android Market. Here you have the QR Code: