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PN04 - Vector Ace on Games of the Week

Appolicious highlights this Android Smart Weird Game

Vector Ace, one of the

Games of
the Week

Madrid, Spain, January the 3rd
. Okapi Lab. Smart Weird Games´ first Android videogame, Vector Ace, has been chosen by Appolicious as one of the Games of the Week, only 4 days after its publication on the Android Market. The full note is available on this link:

Vector Ace has been included under the title “New leaders”, and it is surrounded by paid games, even when the Smart Weird Game is completely free. This represents a sudden recognition for the new game.

Vector Ace is receiving good critics by its players, with an average higher than 4 stars, reached on some dozens qualifications. It is remarkable that critics are never in the middle of the valuation: most players agree on providing 5-star notes, while some few give the game just one star or two. No 3 or 4 stars have been given. So gamers just love the game or hate it. Nobody is indifferent about it.

This situation may be because Vector Ace is opening a completely brand new genera in videogames, a mix between race games and strategy ones, and it is not easy for some new players to follow it properly. Other point of interest is that players that know the paper-and-pencil classic game on which Vector Ace is based on are providing 5-star qualifications, while gamers that set low notes do not mention the classic game.

Okapi Lab. Smart Weird Games ( is a company that creates and distributes Android videogames in Android app stores all over the world. With headquarters in Madrid, Spain, its Android games are based on a free-to-play model and a different game experience for the players, creating new genera within the platform. Its first title, Vector Ace, has just been released on the Android Market and it is receiving good critics.

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Julián Martín,
Jan 3, 2011, 11:54 AM
Julián Martín,
Jan 3, 2011, 11:54 AM