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PN01 - Android Smart Weird Games

Okapi Lab is an indie game developer and publisher formed by four experienced hobbyists

Android Smart Weird Games

Madrid, Spain, December the 7th
. Okapi Lab. Smart Weird Games is a very special indie videogame developer and publisher company on Android devices: it is formed by two couples. One of them is focused on developing, programming and project management and the other is on business development and marketing. Beside that, the two boys on the couples maintain a +30 years friendship. This is a really full of love company indeed! Here you have members´ profiles:

Member number i. She is a software engineer with +10 years experience in software development for the aerospace sector, mainly satellite control systems. In Okapi Lab, she enjoys designing and programming the games, especially in all that has to do with the Android platform.
Member number 02. She is a journalist who is always reading and learning about every interesting subject in the world! She has worked for several newspapers, as El Mundo, the second largest in Spain, and some years ago she gained a public service position for Madrid City Council, where she works every day. She is Okapi Lab´s PR manager.
Member number pi. He is an industrial engineer with a strong background in optimization and AI, software engineering and statistical analysis. In Okapi Lab he focuses mostly in the R&D area creating frameworks to improve our programming productivity and special AI for the games, even different personalities for the machine players!
Member number 04. He is a marketing and sales man. He studied Philosophy (yes!), Journalism and a master on Marketing and is a professional on the Internet area since 1998. In Okapi Lab he does game design but his main responsability is mkt-sales, monetization and app store relationships.

Every member participates from a hobbyist perspective. Everything is done on spare time: weekends, holidays or nights. The first title is about to come within next weeks! Stay tuned!

Okapi Lab. Smart Weird Games ( is a company that creates and distributes Android videogames in Android app stores all over the world. With headquarters in Madrid, Spain, its Android games are based on a free-to-play model and a different game experience for the players, creating new genera within the platform. Its first title is about to come.

Need more info about the company, interviews with founders, pictures or extra details?
Contact Okapi Lab press cabinet via press (at) okapilab (dot) com. Also visit:

Julián Martín,
Dec 20, 2010, 2:23 PM
Julián Martín,
Dec 20, 2010, 2:24 PM