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Your Roll-Forming Partner

Do you have the Following Problems??

  1. Have you been in a position where you are unable to procure certain shapes or lengths of steel which results in losing an important order?

  2. Due to overwhelming orders that you have on hand, you are in need to outsource your rollforming or bending jobs to a third party?

  3. You have receive an order however, you are not in a position to invest heavily in high cost machines?

We Can Help You!!

OKA is a one source provider for your rollforming needs. Our facilities allows us to provide our customers a wide variety of rollforming operations, both efficiently and effectively. We have the necessary skills and capabilities to design, operate and produce simple and complex products to suit our customer's needs. Thereby reducing your expenses on these operations. Economies of scale plays a role in custom rollform and the larger your order, the larger is your savings. However, you will still receive the same treatment of satisfaction and competitive pricing on any size run you require.

What is Custom Rollform?

Custom Rollform is using rollforming technology to produce various steels profiles base on our customer's requirement. It is basically a large felxible rollforming machine that allows us to keep changing the toolings depending on the profiles we would like to produce. An example of one of OKA rollforming machine is as following: (pic on right hand side)


Examples of Profiles We Can Produce:













These are only examples of the profiles we are able to produce for our customers. However, it does not stop here as we are able to produce a great deal of other profiles as well, depending on our customer's requirement. They can provide us either drawings or the end product itself.


Advantages of OKA Custom Rollform:


   - Infinite number of shapes Available

   - Ability to roll out long lengths

   - Ability to use various materials, eg. stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum

   - Secondary process can be done online, eg. Punching of holes

   - Uniform and tight tolerances can be produce from parts to parts

   - High speed, high process production capabilities

   - Ability to produce profiles with great thickness (2mm - 8mm)

   - Able to keep stock for high demand products (Just In Time Delivery)

   - Possessed the necessary engineering facility and skills to produce your parts

   -  Ability to provide engineering and design services