International Quality at local Prices

OKA has been building Cold Roll Forming Machines since 1985 and have stressed on improved quality through our own Research and Development. Currently, we are a major sheet metal producer for our local market and also the biggest exporter of rollforming machines in Malaysia. We are capable of building a great variety of Roll Forming Machines ranging from roofing sheets, gutter profiles, C&Z Purlins, Door Frame and Fully Automatic Crimp Curve Machines.


OKA's Local and International Customer's Base:                        

            We have supplied our rollforming machines to both local

            and international markets including Thailand, China, Singapore,

            Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Brunei and Bangladesh.

            (Please click on the map to enlarge. The red dots on the map represents

            countries we have supply our machines)


Examples of OKA RollForming Machines.





Five Rib Span Roll-Forming Machine







Flashing Gutter Roll-Forming Machine







Valley Gutter Roll-Forming Machine







Fully Auto Crimpping Machine








 All our machines are equipped with Omron PLC and the control system is designed specially for ease of use. We use touch screen monitors, to further improve the user-friendliness of the machines. Thereby reducing our customer's effort in operating the machines, hence increasing productivity rate. The touch screen acts as the communication tool between the operator and machine. Any input and error messages are communicated through the touch screen.