Okaeri Project

Tokyo Bookbiding Club organises two exhibitions for our project of assembling hand-bound photo albums specially made for the 3.11 Earthquake and Tsunami victims. The albums are for the restored photopgraphs found in the wreckage.

We named this event the " OKAERI PROJECT ". Recovery refers to the process that you return to where you were, and this project is to assist the photographs to return to their original owner.

More than 250 people from 14 countries have registered to the project in response to our call for making photo albums and for donation. These include bookbinders who make books to booklovers' order, paper and book conservators, book artists and everyone who loves bookbinding. We all get together hoping to deliver something we made by ourselves. 

We select beautiful paper,cloth and leather to make them into a photo album, wishing to say "welcome home ("Okaeri" in Japanese)" to the restored photos.

We are thinking of the linkage of people rescuing each single photograph. A photograph which will be put in the offered photo albums would be a tiny step of recovery for our friends who lost a lot. However, it would be grateful if the project leads to a smile back on many people's face, to fostering of international exchange and to the interest towards bookbinding.

We very much hope that the "OKAERI PROJECT" becomes a grain of "seeding hope".

Tokyo Bookbinding Club

The executive committee of the OKAERI PROJECT


Sat. 3 March - Sun.25 March 2012


12-3, Matsuhaba, Motomiya, Morioka, Iwate 020-0866 Japan

TEL 019-658-1711       http://www.ima.or.jp/

organiser: Iwate Cultural Promotion Agency, IWATE MUSEUM OF ART

Planning and operation: Tokyo Bookbinding Club/The executive committee of the "OKAERI PROJECT"




Thu. 5 April - Sun.8 April 2012

1000-1700 (Closed at 15:00 on 8.April8) 

Ofunato Civic Cultural Center

18-1, Aza-ShimoatesitaSakaricyo,Ofunato IWATE

TEL 0192-26-4478       http:// www.city.ofunato.iwate.jp/rias-hall

organiser: Tokyo Bookbinding Club / The executive committee of    the "OKAERI PROJECT"

co-organiser: Ofunato City


inquiries:The executive committee of the OKAERI PROJECT


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