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Redeeming Microsoft Educator Community Promotion Codes

Redeeming Your Microsoft Promotion Code

within the Microsoft Educator Community

The final comprehension checkpoint in our Microsoft webinar was the redemption of a Promotion Code. Points and badges are awarded by Microsoft as you take part in activities on the Educator Community site. You also get points for webinar and conference presentations when Microsoft Certified Trainers issue promotion codes. Once redeemed, the codes add points to your profile which puts you on the road to earning badges in the Microsoft Educator Community. Feel free to share all of your tracked activity as part of your professional learning documentation.

Here is an example of a badge you can earn:

Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator
Awarded to Microsoft Educator Community Members by earning 1000 points.

To redeem a promotion code you must be a member of the Microsoft Educator Community.  

  1. Go to the Microsoft Educator Community:

  2. Log into the community

    1. If you are already a member, click SIGN IN and follow the sign-in instructions.

    2. If you are NOT a member of the community, click JOIN NOW and use either your Microsoft or Office 365 account. Create the base information for your profile.

What fields in my profile are visible to others?

  • On your Edit Profile page, you can see your Profile Status under Basic Information. You can edit this to Public, Private, or Authenticated only.

  • Public profiles have several fields that are visible to all other users. You can identify these fields because they are marked with an eye icon next to them.

  • The Authenticated Users Only designation means that only users with registered Microsoft Educator Community accounts can view your public profile. To see what information is included in your Public profile refer to the eye icon next to these fields.

  1. Click on the icon for your profile or the "Hello, Your First Name" in the top right -- it will bring up a menu of choices --> select PROMOTIONS. (see pictures below)

  2. Enter the promotional code you were given in the box.