Session Description: Google Sites is not only powerful but easy to use tool to create a variety of websites. In this session, participants will explore the basics of setting up a classroom or student Google Site. This will include the following: welcome page, calendar page, files page, links page, pictures page, announcement (blog) page, and more. Easily move your current information to Google Sites, begin your own Site, or learn what Google Sites is all about. This session is appropriate for teachers at all technology levels.**

As a result of this session and through individual follow-up, teachers will:
  1. Identify the basic pages and features in Google Sites 
  2. Become familiar with the tools for creating a Site of their own 
  3. Explore the possible uses of Google Sites in the classroom or with their students. 
Moderator: Louise Maine


YouTube Video

Example sites for inspiration:


Googlemania - Okay, Okay...Let's Build a Google Site Today