Session Description: If you build it, they will learn. Google’s application, Build with Chrome, allows you to build with virtual LEGO bricks using Google Maps as your base template. The integration possibilities are out of this world. Learn how to use all the features Build with Chrome has to offer.  After learning how to use Build with Chrome, participants will build a repository of classroom integration ideas to develop their students’ 21st Century Skills. Build with Chrome provides the building blocks of creativity for students of all grade-levels and subject areas.This session is appropriate for teachers at all technology levels.**

As a result of this session and through individual follow-up, teachers will:
  1. Learn how to use the different features of Build with Chrome
  2. Learn how to integrate Build with  Chrome in the classroom
  3. Create a Build with Chrome lesson idea
Integration Ideas

  • How big can you build a building with a limited number of bricks?
  • Build something that represents different geomatic shapes or theories.
  • Use bricks to teach basic math concepts like counting or arrays for multiplication.
  • Use different block colors to create graphs
  • Give students a short time to build and have them create a tally chart of the different colors or pieces used. 
  • Challenge students to find the perimeter, area, and/or surface area of their creation. 
  • Have students create an object with the same perimeter, but different area. 
  • Assign monetary values to bricks and provide students a challenge to build something under a price.
English/Language Arts
  • Have students write descriptions and explanations of their designs.
  • Students can write creative stories about events that may have occurred at the building they created.
  • Create a newspaper the town and structures your students create. 
  • Students can pretend they are traveling to a new civilization or planet and they are developing a new settlement. Students can describe their new creation.
  • Provide the students with a persuasive prompt to try to sell their virtual LEGO creation. 

  • What is the ecology and climate like in the area the students are building? How does that affect the design of their structure?
  • Design structures for humans or wildlife in a certain geographic area. 

Social Studies
  • Encourage students to locate and research different historical monuments or buildings around the world. Recreate them using virtual LEGO bricks. 
  • What is the government like in the part of the world you are building?
  • Assign students different regions around the world and have students build a cultural center for the area. 
Classroom Management
  • Assign each group of students or teams a brick color. Students can earn different size bricks for meeting classroom expectations. Compare the bricks collected at the culmination of the day.

Build with Chrome Tutorial

Google MANIA 206C Build with Chrome

Presenter: Kevin Bower