Creative Writing

Short Stories, and Silly Poems.  

Hi, you are now in Creative Writing section. Posted are short stories, and poems that I enjoy more so than my other work. These writings are self contained in narrative, and are published here without outside editing. These stories/poems are expressive of my writing style: subtle and detailed and humorous.

Original Robert Blake's of Comedy: "They sit in their chairs, reclined and limp, their bodies releasing violent spasms. I look them in their glassy eyes, a cold hearted killer, without pity or remorse.

Smug : "Caught in the darkness Gordie stopped. His body had already relaxed its rhythm, betraying him to the voice in the darkness. "

Cautionary Tale : " He thinks of his wrongs as the cold metal tip, makes brain shred to forever forget."

Gratzi Beans:Only bad side to this business venture is that Cory is schizophrenic to a violent degree."

Sticky Red: " Your body shudders uncontrollably as you try to keep from crying; you only succeed in stifling aural cries."