Excerpts from the blogs dispersed on the Internet. 

As a child raised from the Bay Area of California  Charles O.J. Patterson always knew what he wanted to do: design video games. The passion was evident from the illustrations, the uneven lines on stat sheets, and the design documents on lined paper. As O.J. (as most would call him) matured he fashioned himself a Renaissance man, learning the craft of multiple fields including art and music. Yet one thing that overshadowed all his other talents was his writing. 

These are samples of O.J.'s more personal writing pieces. His game design blog is located here: OJPatterson.1up.com


"Game Developer's Conference 2008" An epic in five parts. 

"The Importance of UltraNeko": "Women drive me. It's true and odd that it IS true."

"Going Too Far":  "The only medium that doesn't seem to explore the fun and frustrations of life is video games."

"Hi":   "other school projects, other blogs, work, church, all like bumpers in a pinball machine deflecting me from a high score"