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Site History

So I know what you're thinking. "Man, Embris, you've really copped out."

Yeah, well.

I figure, sacrifice the freedom of design (because GooglePages really doesn't allow you much) for the near-guarantee of reliability and ease of updating. I mean, it is Google. This page won't be dying anytime soon (or at least I hope) like when I hosted the OJF with Digitalrice.

That said, this site will only be a faint image of its former self. The main reason being that the community is all but completely gone. They've gone to different fandoms, lost interest in their OJ fanworks and fancharacters. It's perfectly understandable--it's been a few years. Still, I want this site to always exist in some form or another--even if it is never updated. I want it to act as a sort of time capsule. I want it there to remind people of the good times we had as a fandom. I just want it to exist because I never want to forget.

The Movie

The movie mainly takes place inside the body of one Frank Detorri, a middle-aged, slovenly zookeeper. One day, Frank ingests a germ-ridden egg--and gets sick because of it. At first, the symptoms resemble a cold, but lurking inside...

Enter Osmosis Jones. He's a smooth-talking but bumbling immunity cop for the City of Frank. Wanting to be the hero, he constantly disregards procedure and follows his instincts when it comes to fighting crime. Unfortunately, things just don't often work out. Cue Osmosis's terrible reputation as a cop.

At the request of his precocious daughter, Shane, Frank takes some medicine for his sniffing and sneezing--an offbrand called Drixenol. The active ingredient is Special Agent Drixenol, a by-the-book cold pill who clashes spectacularly with Osmosis Jones' personality.

The thing is, Osmosis is the only one who knows that a deadly virus is on the loose inside Frank. It's no common cold, like the Mayor would have his voter base think. And this virus is out to set a record.

The Fanlisting

The OJF's biggest and most important goal has always been the same--to bring together fans of Osmosis Jones. Our community has, in the past, been rich with writers, artists, and creative types of all kinds. As a result, the OJF will always be the place to exhibit your own fanworks, or to look at and read the works of others.