A Day at the Market

Day at the Market

Rich, my husband, and I go to the Farmer's Market every week to buy some of our vegetables and fruit. It usually take us about 1 hour, 2 max. The other day I spent the whole morning (9:30 am thru 2:00 pm!) at the Farmer's Market in Little Italy. My sisters, Meche and Bony and her daughter,Valeria were with me - we had a great time. Bony and Valeria had to go to ballet class so they dropped us at the Market and went to their class but they re-joined us later. We shopped, ate and just walked around looking at  everything.

We had to start our morning with breakfast, right? So we got  ourselves some coffee from New Guinea and Ethiopia and we headed to the Panini stand. There is this guy that sells the best  Paninis and he prepares them to order on site. He usually has a long line of customers willing to wait for one of those delicious, fresh made Paninis. This time we were the only customers but just for a minute because people started to gather at his booth shortly after we placed our order. 

Meche had el Paesano with spinach, mushrooms and brie cheese - yummy! I didn't order 

anything this time as I ate breakfast at home (like a dummy.) We sat to eat our breakfast and drink our coffee while we watched interesting people going by.

Later, we stopped at every single booth and talked with the vendors which are very friendly (except for one old guy), and were willing to spend time talking to us even if we didn't buy anything from them. I go there every week so some of the vendors recognize me; I think it's because I always carry my big green bag to put my produce in. The girl that sells plants from Mission Hills Nursery told us to come back around 11:00 am, she was offering a class on container gardening. Meche and I took the 25 minute class and she walked out with a blooming garden made in a big pot. It was fun!

We continued our walk through the Market but, since this is located in Little Italy,

there are a lot more shops and places to see than just the market. We stepped inside Our Lady of the Rosary Roman Catholic Church. This is a beautiful church on Columbia Street. It is small but with its murals all over the celling, it reminded me of the big churches in Italy.

When Bony and Valeria re-joined us it was lunch time. Of course poor Valeria was starving! We stopped at the French Crêperie, we bought a Crêpe that was huge and she practically ate the whole thing by herself! 

We walked the market all over again plus we stopped at some Italian stores; We bought wine at Mona Lisa and fresh pasta at Assenti's. Bony also bought Italian cheese and salami sandwiches at Mona Lisa to take to the football game. She bought about 12 sandwiches, they were only .99 cents each! They were good too!

Little Italy Mercato opens every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

I hope this inspires you to visit the market at least once. I know things can be a little more expensive at Farmer's Markets but they are better. But even if you don't buy anything, you can go there to eat and look around.