OIT RepRap Project

Creating Machines That Make Themselves 

The OIT RepRap Project was started Winter Term of 2008 By Professor David Culler and Sophomore students Stanley Ames and Noah Anderson. The project sought to create a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) machine for the Oregon Institute of Technology in the course of one term.

Since this was an existing project that was still in Beta development, the objectives were to simply have a machine functioning at the level of the current project with an emphasis on machine stability and aesthetics. Fabrication would be done by two methods: CNC and manual milling/welding. Professor Culler would be creating the CNC'ed parts while students Ames and Anderson would be doing the manual milling/welding.

A paper** was ultimately published on the project by Prof. Culler, Ames and Anderson. Professor Culler thought that it would be a good idea to introduce Ames and Anderson to the academic process of submitting a paper to a conference. This has proved to be one of the biggest lasting benefits.

** "Design and Construction of a Rapid Prototyping Machine:A Breakdown of the Machine Sub-Systems Used to Learn Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Skills" D. Culler, S. Ames, N. Anderson, ASEE 2009 Conference, Austin, TX