Assistance with Prescription Medication Expenses

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Consumer Reports
Best Buy Drugs  Assists  in finding a cheaper equivalent for a prescription drug
American Cancer Society  1800-227-2345  Provides a one time payment for people in need of medications, supplies or equipment due to cancer
American Organ Transplant Association Rx
 Provides a variety of assistance and support, including medications for transplants, to organ transplant patients
 Benefits Check-up  Using an online questionaire, they can help find pharmaceutical programs for over 1450 brand name and generic drugs
 ByNet: Morgan City  337-828-5638  Assists St. Mary Parish residents with locating local resources that can assist with medication costs as well as assisting with enrollment of pharmaceutical programs.
 Catholic Charities Houma-Thibodeaux  985-876-0490  Provides medication assistance once in a 12-month period with a $50 limit.
 Council on Aging
Lafourche: 532-0459
Saint Mary: 384-3324
Terrebonne: 868-5546
 Can assist the elderly with medication costs once a year.
 K-mart Medicine Program:
Generics+ Program
For more information:
 3 month supply of generic medication for only $10 or $15.  Fill out form online and drop off at K-mart pharmacy.
 Louisiana SenioRx
 A program from the Office of Elderly Affairs that provides assistance with finding patient and pharmaceutical assistance programs.  Short term needs, like antibiotics, are not covered.
 CVS Care Card  1-800-511-1314  A discount card for people of any age that have no insurance for medication.
 Accepts whatever medicare pays for breathing medications and supplies such as those for COPD, oxygen users, etc.
 Mental Health Offices
Lafourche: 537-6823
Saint Mary: 380-2460
Terrebonne: 857-3615
 Provides medications free of charge to their patients who are unable to pay for medications needed to control mental illness.
 Merck Rx Discount Program
To see if your meds are covered:
 Reguardless of age/income, you may be eligible for discount prices if you have no prescription drug coverage.  Program can also assist with vaccines.
A 3 page application is available online.  Doctor prescribing medication is needed to sign application.
 Partnership for Rx Drug Assistance Program
 Helps the uninsured and financially struggling get free or discounted drugs through patient assistance programs offered by many pharmaceutical companies.
 Pfizer Patient Assistance Programs
 Patient assistance programs through Pfizer Co.
 RxHope  Assists patients and caregivers with obtaining medications they would normally have trouble affording.
 RxOutreach  A generic medication program for people with no medication insurance to obtain medications at a discount rate.
 Hospital Social Work Departments  Contact the Social Work Department if at a hospital  Can help you enroll in pharmaceutical programs.
 St. Mary Outreach  385-0525  Life sustaining medications are provided to people in the Morgan City area.
 St. Vincent de Paul TriParish Community Pharmacy  872-2253  If medication is provided at pharmacy and patient passes the screening process, medication will be given free of charge for all prescriptions needed.  Serves Lafourche, St. Mary and Terrebonne.
 Target Medicine Program  Target Medicine Program  Only $4 a month for generic medications.
 The Medicine Program  Helps to enroll the patient in pharmaceutical assistance programs taht can provide the medications they need.
 Together Rx Access  1-800-444-4106  Offers a savings card to people who are low income and uninsured from more than 10 pharmaceutical companies.
 Wal Mart Medication Program  Wal Mart $4 Prescription Program  $4 for a month's supply and $10 for 3 month's supply of generic drugs.
 Xubex, Inc
 This program offers 250 generic versions of branded medications, not available through any other patient assistance programs.
 American Legion Posts
Lafourche: 447-0968 or 447-1775
St. Mary: 384-9047
Terrebonne: 857-3626
 Helps with funeral and medication expenses for civillians.  Also helps with rental costs for wheelchairs.
 Medicaid Spend Down Program
Medicaid Lafourche: 449-5021
Medicaid Terrebonne: 873-2030
Medicaid St. Mary: 1800-351-4879
 If medical expenses are more than or equal to three times the amount of yearly take home pay, medicaid may be able to assist with some of the costs.
 National Institute of Mental Health Information Services
(Panic Disorders)
 1800-647-2642  Information and referrals to local organizations for those suffering from panic disorders.