Sean - Orange Beach: From Shining to Sheening

Thank you for viewing my presentation. Here's what I would like to know from you: What is a buiseness you have heard of that was affected by the oil spill? What kind of business was it and where is it located?

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Informative Speech Final Draft, 04/20/2011

Sean Edmonson

Orange Beach: From Shining to Sheening

To Inform

As a result of my presentation my audience will be able to describe the economic effects of Orange Beach businesses caused from the Gulf Coast Oil Spill.



[PP Video: Oil Litters Orange Beach] In July 2010 oil washed ashore in Orange Beach, Alabama. Reported by CBS News Surveys were taking by 50 hotels, and within a three day 60% of reservations were cancelled. Businesses soon began to suffer, which leads to the loss of jobs.

 Many residents of Orange Beach suffered due to the oil spill, people became jobless, and several people foreclosed on their home.

I know several people that live in Orange Beach who have been effected by this disaster. After hearing their stories, I became frustrated in how something like the Gulf Coast Oil Spill could have ever happen.

Today, I’ll discuss how Orange Beach was affected financially by the oil spill.

[PP Picture: Closed Business] As businesses began to suffer, BP claimed they would pay any expense lost by these businesses, and as time moves on we wonderer how long it will take before Orange Beach returns to normal as if the oil spill never happened.


I.          Sea Garden.

            A.        Sea Garden Gifts & Accessories has been in business since August 2008. This business is a women’s specialty store. Before the oil spill this business thrived with tourist.

            B.        “Since the oil spill sales have dropped by 75%” stated by the owner of Sea Garden J.D. Sorrells. Mr. Sorrells said “I hope the economy will pick up, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.”

            C.        I asked Mr. Sorrells, Is BP holding to their word and paying for your losses? In better words he said “No BP claims process is a joke. They tell you they will give you X amount, and then give you only a fraction of that.”

II.        [PP Picture: Sand Dollar Lifestyle]  Another business would include Sand Dollar Lifestyle

            A.        Jeff Hardy said in the interview with NBC “ They have been in the shoe business and now in the lifestyle business since 1967. We’ve made it through hurricanes we’ve made it through Ivan, made it through Katrina, we’ve made it through the worst recession we’ve  ever seen and now a big oil giant is fixing to put us out of business.”

            B.        The Sand Dollar Lifestyle has lost 50% in revenue. Jeff said “ The claims process is a process I’ll never be able to understand and fully explain because I’ve never been able to talk to anybody that said Mr. Hardy this is what we can do for you.”  Jeff has only received a small check not nearly enough, to pay for the money lost by the oil spill.

III.       [PP Video: More Orange Beach Businesses To Close?]

            A:        This video will help you all get a better understanding of what’s happening in Orange Beach. As you can see the businesses in this video showed impacted businesses and how they were affected by the Gulf Coast Oil Spill.


[PP Picture: Perdido Pass] Ok, today I talked to all of you about the Gulf Coast Oil Spills effect on the economy in Orange Beach Alabama. I talked to you about two different businesses and then I showed everyone a video to give a better understanding about what I have been discussing.

So the next time your in Orange Beach stay at one of their nice hotels, eat, relax, and support the local businesses, because now we all know it might not be there forever.



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