Jonathan - Oil Rig Safety: Sanitation, High Voltage, and Confined Spaces

Thank you for viewing my presentation. Here's what I would like to know from you: What have you ever thought of doing or did do that would not have been safe? Do you know of a person to perish from not following safety rules and what did they do? 

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INFORMATIVE SPEECH - Final Draft 4/16/2011 

(1)               Jonathan Cooper

(2)               Oilrig Safety – confined space, sanitation, high voltage.

(3)               To inform

(4)               As a result of my presentation, my audience will be able describe three aspects of safety on an oil rig dealing with a confined space, the sanitation and high voltage principles that should be followed in order to maintain a safe environment.                               


(5)               Start with a safety saying we had in the military “Watches, rings and shinny things”.

[pp: cover slide] 

(6)               Safety do people really need it I’m sure you don’t right? What does it really matter if you get zapped with 1,000 volts, you can live after that right? Wrong, wrong, wrong! In fact as little as 1 amp can kill.

(7)               I care about safety becuase, one day I was trying to cut a short screw with a band saw and actually cut the corner off my pinky finger. This happened because I wasn’t being safe.

(9)               I wish to point out what the people deal with while working within an oil rig environment.

(10)           Today I will discuss the specifics on a confined space, sanitation and, high voltage and, the safety that they entail in an oil environment.


  1. Confined space
     A confined space is any space that has limited or restricted means of entry or exit.
    Has a configuration that can cause a person to be trapped or asphyxiated by containing a hazardous substance which can cause a harmful atmosphere. I found this information at an organization ran by OSHA.
    1. Permits
      Confined spaces require permits when work must be performed within a confined area. Normally in remote locations such as a oil rig there is a supervisor that is able to issue these permits in order for work to be preformed.
    2. Chemicals
      Oil rig confined spaces are more dangerous than normal confined areas for there are more hazardous chemicals at these locations. These chemicals cause asphyxiation which has lead to many deaths and injuries. I was able to find this at the national safety homepage.
    3. Safety gear
      People die carelessly when rushing in to a confined space to rescue individuals who have become trapped or have stopped responding to communication. There is a rule that a individual can’t go into a confined space without a respirator and a chemical monitor in order to prevent needless accidents. Fines can be placed by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration if a company is found not following this rule and the other rules in place by this organization.

Close quarters to clean quarters!

  1. Sanitation
    Sanitation is a term for the
    hygienic disposal or recycling of waste materials, particularly human excrement. Sanitation is an important public health measure which is essential for the prevention of disease.

A.    Hygiene
Hygiene is important on an oil rig were many people are kept in a close quarter’s environment. Workers must wash hands thoroughly when leaving work areas. Workers must take showers before dinner or before going to sleep at night to promote the cleanest environment.

B.     Trash
Trash is anything worthless, useless or discarded as rubbish. Trash in the leaving areas and, around work stations must be maintained in order to promote a clear work station and, living area. Trash is to be collected twice a day. Having rubbish around a work station can promote unseen dangers.

Disease prevention to deadly dangers!

  1. High voltage
    High voltage is characterizes as electrical circuits in which the voltage used is the cause of particular safety concerns and insulation requirements. High voltage is used in
    electrical power distribution for industrial and scientific applications. My source information for this topic was found at a government safety website.

A.    Arc flash
An arc flash is a short circuit that happens at a switchgear point. Arc flashes can exceed 10,000 Kelvin
the radiant heat, expanding hot air causing explosions and material to vaporize. Let’s say that another time vaporizing hot. “see conclusion U-tube video which showcases  arc flashes”

B.     Voltage guidelines
Never work on switchgear alone, don’t ever wear jewelry or other metallic object that could contact circuitry or moving parts. Always wear proper protective clothing as in gloves, eye protection.
  When work or maintenance must be performed on a electric panel to probe the circuits the Power must be turned off and any capacitors must be discharged.

C.     Fire extinguisher
A Dry chemical fire extinguisher is the most common found and used fire extinguishers used by people today. The idea behind them is to use a inert gas to
eliminate the fuel source and blanket the fire source.  “source was found at”

High voltage off switch!


Working in an environment whose surroundings promote mishaps to happen workers have to be diligent to stop them before they have a chance to happen. Workers have to know the dangers of a Confined space. Remember the buddy system and proper safety gear when going in to a confined space. High voltage has a mind of its own and can create a high danger area, safety is the key. Sanitation plays a major role in the overall well being of employees in order to prevent a diseased environment and keep oneself from getting sick. Dangers are present in any work place however in confined work stations like an oil rig the dangers can find people easily. This U-tube video  showcases many high voltage arc flashes in different events this is to demonstrate how dangerous they can be.


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