Noon on Monday, April 18, until Noon on Sunday, April 24, 2011

This online conference is a student-driven community service project commemorating the Gulf Coast Oil Spill at the anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion on April 20, 2010. Please see the video below for an introduction to the conference and instruction for how to navigate this site.  

This online conference is open 24/7. If you are looking for a presentation by a particular student or a specific topic, try the search engine at the top of this page. You can send questions, comments, and personal anecdotes to the students at any time during the conference.

To interact with the students, please go to the "
Oil Spill Anniversary Conference" Facebook page where each speech has been assigned a discussion forum. The discussion forum that was posted to last moves to the top of the Discussions page. There are more than one page of discussion forums, so please click on the page numbers to move from page to page on the Discussions page to look for the presenters and topics you want to interact with.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you can e-mail the students individually at If you e-mail the students, please place the name of the student in the message title so we can make sure the student receives your message.

A special feature of this conference is that each of the three face-to-face classes have scheduled live online interaction sessions, while the online class students will be responding to questions, answers, and comments throughout the week. For the live session schedule, please see the class conference sessions below.

MW 9 a.m. Class Conference Session

Live interaction via Facebook and e-mail on Wednesday, April 20, 9:00 a.m. until 10:15 a.m.

UWF Oil Spill Research"
by Kim includes video, speech, and prompt

"Rocky Times for the Rocky Beach"
by Lori A. includes video, speech, and prompt

"Death by Spill: Just Don't Go in the Water!"
by Olivia includes video, speech, and prompt

"The Gulf Coast of Ohio?"
by Matt D. includes video, speech, and prompt

"Music Heals the Guld Coast: Dr. Michael DeMaria"
by DeAnna includes video, speech, and prompt
Special Feature: "Oceans" by Michael DeMaria

"Oil Spill Brings Layoffs to the Coast"
by Nate includes video, speech, and prompt

"BP Health Issues: Spill, Kill and Destroy"
by Quenna includes video, speech, and prompt

"BP = Bad Paychecks"
by Liz includes video, speech, and prompt

The Deepwater Horizon's Forgotten Eleven: April 20, 2010"
by Brittney includes video, speech, and prompt
Special Feature of "Together: The Gulf Coast Tragedy" poem by Brittney

BP vs. PB (Pensacola Ballet)"
by Abi includes video, speech, and prompt

"Sea Turtles Get the Slick"
by Elena includes video, speech, and prompt

"It's in the Bag!: Environmental Recovery"
by Stephanie includes video, speech, and prompt

"The Ecology Turns the Economy"
by Harlon includes video, speech, and prompt

"The Silver Lining"
by Dan includes video, speech, and prompt

"The Man in the Mirror: Former BO CEO Tony Hayward"
by Jamequa includes video and prompt


TR 9:00 a.m. Class Conference Session

Live interaction via Facebook and e-mail on Thursday, April 21, 9:00 a.m. until 10:15 a.m.

"Dispersants Disappearing in Seafood"
by Rena includes video, speech, and prompt

"Commission Response: The Escambia County Commission and the Gulf Coast Oil Spill"
by Mary Alice includes video, speech, and prompt

"Seafood Safety Assurance"
by Ashley includes video, speech, and prompt

"Oil affects Louisiana as a Whole"
by Taylor includes video, speech, and prompt

"Damaged Waters; Damaged Pelicans"
by Megan includes video, speech, and prompt

"Ridley's Sacrifice: The Downfall of Gulf Coast Turtles"
by Gracie includes video, speech, and prompt

"Florida Manatees: How They Could Be Affected by an Oil Spill"
by Kasia includes video, speech, and prompt

"Phytoplankton, the Backbone of the Gulf Coast"
by Dusty includes video, speech, and prompt

"Not Just Toned, Buff and Bronze: Lifeguarding at Pensacola Beach After the Spill"
by Skylar includes video, speech, and prompt

"Tourists Do Not Like Crude Oil"
by Mark includes video, speech, and prompt

"EPA Versus BP"
by Eric W. includes video, speech, and prompt

"COREXIT Dispersants: More Toxic Than Oil?"
by Christian-Anthony includes video, speech, and prompt

"What About the Oysters?"
by Mitchell includes video, speech, and prompt

"Oil Rig Safety: Sanitation, High Voltage, and Confined Spaces"
by Jonathan includes video, speech, and prompt

"Cape Horn: None Built Stronger"
by Jennifer K. includes video, speech, and prompt

"Dolphins and the Gulf Coast Oil Spill"
by KiKi includes video, speech, and prompt

"The Effect of the Oil Spill on the Gulf Coast Seafood Businesses"
by Kenny includes video, speech, and prompt

"Dolphins Versus Oil Spill"
by Josh H. includes video, speech, and prompt

TR 10:30 a.m. Class Conference Session

Live interaction via Facebook and e-mail on Thursday, April 21, 10:30 a.m. until 11:45 a.m.

"The Truth About Dispersants"
by Mariah includes video, speech, and prompt

"The Blowout Preventer"
by Dakota includes video, speech, and prompt

"Kenneth Feinberg and the Future of Oil Spill Claims"
by Steven includes video, speech, and prompt

"International Reactions to the Oil Spill"
by Mathew includes video, speech, and prompt

"MISSION: Oiled Wildlife"
by Tiffany includes video, speech, and prompt

"Pelicans in Danger"
by Caressa includes video, speech, and prompt

"Claim Fraud"
by Courtney includes video, speech, and prompt

"Power of Photography"
by Eric D. includes video, speech, and prompt

"Fort Pickens and the Gulf Coast Oil Spill"
by Jason C. includes video, speech, and prompt

Sandsifting: An Oily Clean-up Job"
by Kelsey includes video, speech, and prompt

Brown Pelicans: Survivalists?"
by Wes includes video, speech, and prompt

"Dolphins and the Gulf Coast Oil Spill"
by David includes video, speech, and prompt

Art and Oil"
by Annelise includes video, speech, and prompt

Dolphins Can Get Down and Dirty, Too"
by Torrie includes video, speech, and prompt

BP Destroys a Fisherman's Dream"
by Gabby includes video, speech, and prompt

An Overview of the Gulf Coast Oil Spill"
by Mardella includes video, speech, and prompt 

"Disparaging Issues Surrounding Dispersants"
by Marcus includes video and prompt
Special Feature:
BP Admits to Using Synthetic Microbes

"The Gulf Coast Oil Spill by the Numbers"
by Khalid includes video and prompt

"The Ugly Truth: The Things That Haunt Our Beaches for Years to Come"
by Nicholas H. includes video and prompt

"Crude Public Speaking"
by Gary includes video and prompt

Online Class Conference Session
Interaction via Facebook and e-mail throughout the anniversary week. These students record their speeches on their own, so sound and video quality varies.

"Gulf Coast Seafood: Concerns, Problems, and Prevention"
by William C. includes video, speech, and prompt

What About the Oysters?"
by William R. includes video, speech, and prompt

Cha-Ching!: Cashing in on the Oil Spill"
by Kayla includes video, speech, and prompt

Adulterated Amberjack, Tainted Tuna, and Oily Oysters, What's for Dinner?"
by Rachel includes video, speech, and prompt

Was Waiting in Line Worth it?"
by Sarah F. includes video

Cleanup Workers Living the 'Crude Life'"
by Nicole includes video, speech, and prompt

Fishing for Dinner: The Impact on the 3-Mile Bridge Fishing Community"
by Christina includes video, speech, and prompt

"No Florida Drilling"
by Sarah P. includes video, speech, and prompt

The Oil Spill in a (Sea)shell"
by Jessica includes video and speech

Precautions on the High Seas"
by Matthew includes video and speech

"Are Gulf Shrimp Safe to Eat...Post Oil Spill?
by Cicely includes video, speech, and prompt

"Oil on the Fishing Businesses"
by Alexis includes video, speech, and prompt