David - Dolphins and the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Thank you for viewing my presentation. Here's what I would like to know from you: What are your thoughts about the Gulf Coast Oil Spill on dolphins? How does the treatment of the dolphins during the oil spill make you feel?

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- David

Informative Speech Final Draft [April, 14, 2011]

1.      David Alexander

2.      The Effects the Oil Spill had on Dolphins

3.      To Inform and Entertain

4.      As a result to my presentation my audience will be able to explain how the oil spill affected the dolphins.


Hello ladies and gentlemen, how are you all doing today? {Response from class} I would like to inform you on how the gulf coast oil spill affected the dolphins. It gave them breathing problems. The oil also caused the dolphins to suffer from internal bleeding. The oil disrupted the natural habitat of the dolphins. It drove them into shallow beaches which are not where they are used to living, also causing a shortage in there food supply.


                                            I.            Breathing

First, I would like to perform an exercise [distribute straws]

Dolphins are suffering illnesses

A.      Internal bleeding when came in contact with the poisonous water

B.      Difficulty breathing because of inhaling the oil

I would like for everyone to hold their nose and breathe through the straw. Please raise your hand if any one of you finds that comfortable.

This is how the dolphins feel when they are trying to breath. The oil has terrible effects on the respiratory system according the Chris Stevens from the Gulfarium.

                                          II.            Next, I want to ask everyone to pack up all of their belongings and move to a new seat in the classroom [when everyone is seated]

a.       Dolphins are highly intelligent social mammals that travel in pods consisting of multiple generations of family members

b.      Showing up in large numbers off shores of local beaches

c.       Seeking cleaner waters like animals running from a forest fire

Natural habitat is disrupted

This is another feeling the dolphins are experiencing in flee of the oil. It is disrupting their natural habitat. There is no difference in the distress placed on any animal or human when taken out of their comfort zone. For example, when you see a tiger at the zoo it is a changed cat because in the wild tigers don’t let potential food walk up and feed it. So taking the dolphins out of their comfort zone is another major problem.

                                        III.            Finally, I would like everyone to eat the piece of chocolate that is placed on your desk [everyone eats chocolate]

A.      Oil is known for having a long term effect on the body according to huffingtonpost.com.

B.      Environmentalists need a longer period of time to investigate so the results will be more conclusive huffingtonpost.com

C.      Things may be worst in the future huffingtonpost.com

Now that everyone has eaten the candy I will observe you all over the next few weeks to see how your bodies react to the contaminants that were injected into the chocolate you just consumed. Now that you all know I’m kidding Imagine how the dolphins feel inhaling a foreign substance not knowing what kind of toll it will take on their bodies. Just thinking about it makes the whole situation 10 times worst.


The oil spill had life threatening effects on the dolphins both physically and mentally. They suffered internal bleeding and difficulty breathing, they were driven out of their environment into the shallow local beaches which make them more susceptible to injury and death, and the light of their future is looking fairly dim due to the long term effects. This oil spill was catastrophic to the dolphin community if any of you come across a dolphin in distress please do not hesitate to call the authorities. For more information on how you can help please see me after class. Are there any questions? 


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