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U10 Kerr Game Summary

ORSA Kerr at Kinzua-Seyler - 06/08/14

posted Jun 11, 2014, 9:02 PM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

The ORSA Force Kerr team completed their season at 6-2 with a win at Kinzua Seyler on Sunday June 8th.  The Force started out sluggish in the first 5 minutes and gave up 2 quick goals to the pressing Seyler offense with the defense failing to protect rookie keeper Koben Parry who got the start in goal.  The team then rose to the occasion knotting the game at 2-2 answering with two goals of their own off the foot of Nathan Pfennigwerth.  Kinzua answered back with another goal but Lauren Billingsley quickly evened the score on a goal of her own off a nifty assist from Pfennigwerth.  Carson Kerr and Johnathan Leccia had several breakaway opportunites from heads up play that just wouldn’t go in the net.  Kinzua struck again trying to stay ahead of the Kerr led Force team.  The ORSA Force strikers changed roles as Nathan Pfennigwerth found the back of the net off a nice assist from Billingsley.  Pfennigwerth completed his first half hat trick knotting the score at 4 goals apiece and the half ended that way.  Johnathan Leccia entered the pitch as the 2nd half keeper and the defense strengthened in front of him keeping his jersey relatively clean.  Emma Pfennigwerth and Tristen Bliss reached deep within themselves to push through their fatigue as the defensive wonder twins.  Emma continued to press the offensive rushes to the outside and showed no fear facing down the forwards of Kinzua.  Bliss pressed the ball forward after he thwarted their attacks defensively.  Invigorated by the cheers of the crowd, Nathan Pfennigwerth struck down the Kinzua hopes with swift, darting moves slicing through the defensive effort to put three more goals in for a second half hat trick.  This gave him 6 goals for the game and 26 in the regular season.  The spread out play of Carson Kerr, Eric and Alex Reynolds, Koben Parry and Lauren Billingsley drew the defenders away from the ball allowing for skilled passing and teamwork that showed the hard work of the team throughout the season.  Kinzua tried an attack of their own putting a goal in to draw within 2 scores, but after Nathan Pfennigwerth was brought down from behind inside the 18 yard box, he gave his penalty kick to fellow striker Lauren Billingsley who handily blasted the ball past the efforts of the Kinzua goalkeeper to put the score at 8-5 where the game ended.  This was Billingsley’s 8th goal on the season.  Entering the post season tournaments, the ORSA Kerr Force should continue to see success as they grow with each other. 

ORSA Kerr at Kinzua Darling - 6/1/14

posted Jun 11, 2014, 9:01 PM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

ORSA Kerr lost a hard fought battle to Kinzua Darling 4-3 on Sunday leaving the Kerr team in 3rd place for the season. Kerr’s team started strong with what seemed to be a goal on a heads up play in front of the net by Carson Kerr, but the goal was waved off by the center referee for a questionable offsides call leaving the score tied at 0-0. Shortly thereafter, Nathan Pfennigwerth found himself on a breakaway that resulted in the first score of the game when he swiftly put the ball in the back of the net. Kinzua Darling tied it up at one goal apiece and then went up 2-1 on the ORSA Force. Not to be outdone, Pfennigwerth had another breakaway goal streaking down the field to put it past the Kinzua goalminder knotting the game at 2-2. After additional back and forth with both teams playing very well, Alex Reynolds and his new found aggressiveness pushed a pass through to Pfennigwerth who sealed his hat trick when he found the back of the net yet again. Next up to the plate was Lauren Billingsley who was tripped in the 18 yard box producing a penalty kick that sailed just a bit to the left after she slipped on her plant foot narrowly missing an opportunity for an insurance goal. She continued her aggressive play but found herself on the short end of the score because of the conditions and the aggressive defensive efforts of the Kinzua team. The heat of the midday sun got the best of the ORSA Kerr team as they were a man short and losing steam. Kinzua found the back of the net scooting 2 unanswered goals past the outstretched arms of Johnathan Leccia. Heads held high, the Kerr led ORSA Force heads into their final match of the season trying to secure their place in the rankings. Alex Reynolds and Koben Parry continue to impress their coach and fans with their developing skills adding to the offensive attacks of the Force, with hopes of finding the back of the net themselves in the final game. Tristen Bliss and Emma Pfennigwerth continue to proved stalwart, unselfish defense stalling the offensive attacks of the Kinzua team.

ORSA Kerr vs ORSA Umbenhaur - 05/18/14

posted Jun 3, 2014, 4:36 PM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

The match between the U10 ORSA Umbenhaur team and the U10 ORSA Kerr team was a tightly contested battle from the moment the ball was sent into play. Kerr's team scored two quick goals in the first half as Nathan Pfenningwerth carried the ball the length of the field and cut inside two defenders to score both goals. However, Umebenhaur's team fought back into it after getting two goals by Hailey Yard off of nice assists from Ethan Umbenhaur and Gage Haniwalt. The game was tied until a hand ball in the 18 yard box by an Umbenhaur defenseman, which awarded a penalty kick to Kerr's team. Nathan Pfenningwerth placed the kick in the upper left quarter with 5 minutes left in the game. Umbenhaur's team fought hard until the end, with several chances to score. The game ended in a 3-2 win for Kerr's team. Both teams should be commended for their exceptional soccer prowess, as both teams played a skilled game.

ORSA Kerr vs ORSA Ritchey - 05/18/14

posted May 21, 2014, 5:56 AM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

ORSA Kerr defeated ORSA Ritchey 3-1 in a close fought contest throughout.  ORSA Ritchey opened up the scoring with Caleb Prettyman slicing through the defense and putting his shot into the back of the net to put ORSA Ritchey up 1-0. Nathan Pfennigwerth put ORSA Kerr back even by getting a poorly cleared ball by ORSA Ritchey leaving him one on one with the keeper and he buried it in the back of the net, score 1-1.  The rest of the first half and most of the second half were dominated by missed opportunities by both teams along with great saves by keepers Dustin McMullen and Adian Kightlinger for ORSA Ritchey and Jonathan Leccia for ORSA Kerr.  Rylee Reed, Nadalie Latchaw, and Quinn Ritchey all had good chances at goal for ORSA Ritchey and Lauren Billingsly, Tristen Bliss, and Nathan Pfennigwerth had great chances for ORSA Kerr as well.  Time was winding down and it looked the match would finish in a tie, but Nathan Pfennigwerth wasn't done.  His first strike came with him disecting the ORSA Ritchey defense and scoring to put ORSA Kerr up 2-1 with under 5 minutes to go.  And then a brilliant pass on the following possession to teammate Carson Kerr who was up to the task with a great shot of his own to seal the victory 3-1 and leaving ORSA Ritchey wondering what might have been. 

ORSA Kerr vs Kinzua Harrison - 05/10/14

posted May 15, 2014, 6:58 PM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

ORSA Kerr won against Kinzua – Harrison 6-1 at home on Saturday May 10th.  There was little doubt about the outcome of the game after the first half.  Nathan Pfennigwerth scored 4 first half breakaway goals to put the ORSA Kerr team up 4-0 at the half.  Strong defense provided by his sister, Emma Pfennigwerth and Tristen Bliss allowed for the team to keep the ball primarily in the offensive end and kept the jersey of goal minder Johanathan Leccia relatively clean.  That combined defensive front with the substitution of Eric Reynolds to give the starters a breath created a wall that Kinzua struggled to penetrate and created opportunities to the strikers in front of them.  Quick to the ball, Lauren Billingsley tried several times to put the ball on net, but she wasn’t able to complete the task and find the back of the goal.  One shot seemed to be so hard that briefly it was thought the goal post might be bent, but alas, it was found to be intact and unscathed.  Her piggy bank will be safe as she won’t have to pay to replace it this week.  Carson Kerr continued to push forward trying to add to his season goal total but the whistle blew signaling the end of the half before he was successful. 

The second half started off the same way that the first half ended with ORSA providing stout defense and several offensive scoring opportunities.  The Kinzua offense, assisted by aggressive play that had 2 of their players knocking an ORSA defenseman to the ground without penalty, were able to scoot a ball past the diving attempt of Koben Parry.  Other than this score, Parry was stellar in net to continue the heads up play of the ORSA goalkeepers.  Carson Kerr was able to pick up a loose ball on the midfield line and with a sharp move to the left, break free of the defender, carrying the ball forward past the eighteen yard box.  The goalie attacked aggressively, but Kerr was able to maintain control of the ball and poke it past the outstretched arms of the goalkeeper to roll over the goal-line for the fifth ORSA score of the game.  Later in the second half, N. Pfennigwerth broke free for an offensive push that found the Kinzua defense drawn towards him.  Looking for a passing opportunity, Pfennigwerth was targeted by the Kinzua defense in an attempt to knock him off the ball.  Angered by their aggressive play, he pushed past them and smoked the ball past the goalie for his 5th score of the game.  Additional aggressive play by Bliss on offense fell just short of him finding the promised land for the 4th week in a row.  Once he gets the monkey off his back, Tristen should continue to help create scoring opportunities from his defensive position or coming from the midfield.  Additional 2nd half offensive presses were provided by Leccia coming out of goal to try his hand at scoring for the team.  Alex Reynolds had several smart plays that found him in position to help the team, but was unable to push the ball forward for that scoring opportunity that he sought.  The strong play of the starting furious five field players and Leccia like a wall in goal continues to stymie the opposing teams and the advancing play of the reserves has the hopes of this ORSA – Kerr team high entering a double header against the Umbenhaur and Ritchey led ORSA Force teams on Sunday.

ORSA Kerr vs Mercer-Bailey - 05/04/14

posted May 6, 2014, 9:13 AM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

ORSA Kerr played a dominant game against the Mercer – Bailey team at home on Sunday.  This is the second time the Kerr team has faced the Mercer team with the same outcome.  The game started off a little sluggish just like the previous week, but the Force quickly picked up the pace.  Lauren Billingsley found the back of the net first on an assist from Nathan Pfennigwerth to start off the scoring.  The Mercer team had a push down the field that caught the ORSA defense on their heels, splitting the defenders tying the score at 1-1.  Lauren Billingsley then found herself on the receiving end of a long ball from goalie Johnathan Leccia and putting it home.  Billingsley and Pfennigwerth teamed up again to secure the hat trick for Lauren and minutes later Nathan found the back of the net on his own to end the half at 4-1.  A strong defensive effort by goalie Johnathan Leccia as well as Tristen Bliss and Emma Pfennigwerth kept the Mercer team from any further offensive pushes.  Carson Kerr had several opportunities as he continued to push the offensive play forward and unsettle the play of the Mercer defense.  Eric Reynolds had several opportunities to spoil the offensive efforts of the Mercer team and stepped up to the call.  Alex Reynolds had chances to push the ball forward but the Mercer defense was able to make the stops.  The second half started off just as the first half finished with the Kerr led team pushing the play forward.  Koben Parry found himself in goal the second half, but with a strong defense in front of him…he found himself relatively untested.  One shot from Mercer caromed off the top of the goal with Parry thwarting that attack with smart play.  Billingsley rang up her fourth score of the game on a steal deep in the Mercer end and quickly pushing the ball forward and capitalizing on the mistake.  Nathan then took the ball coast to coast with several dazzling moves to finish his scoring opportunity.  Carson Kerr had a break away chance midway through the second half, but was unable to control the ball and finish the opportunity.  Moments later, Johnathan Leccia caught the eye of Nathan pushing forward with a defense splitting pass.  Leccia’s smart play found himself in the perfect position to take a couple of touches and then popped the ball past the outstretched goalie for his first ORSA goal of the season.  The scoring was completed by Pfennigwerth who blasted a shot that was initially blocked by the goalie, but with a sliding effort, Nathan put the ball in the lower corner just past a diving goalie.  Tristen Bliss continues to play smart, unselfish, team soccer while generating some scoring opportunities of his own that just won’t go in the net as he would wish.  Emma Pfennigwerth was again the anchor of the defense stopping the offensive push of the other team while punching the ball back into play deep in the other team’s end and quarterbacking the defensive effort.   Koben, Alex and Eric continue to contribute more and more each game with their continued application of the coaches’ teachings.  ORSA Kerr faces off against Kinzua – Harrison this Saturday, May 10, 2014.

U10 Kerr at Meadville Black 04/27/14

posted Apr 29, 2014, 7:05 PM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

ORSA Kerr lost a hard fought battle at Meadville 4-2.  The team came out flat in the first half and let the Meadville team push their way through the defense to take a 3-0 lead into halftime.  The Kerr led Force failed to capitalize on several crossing opportunities that could have kept the game close.  The mighty Force awoke in the middle of the second half after going down 4-0.  The defense tightened up and stopped several rushes from the Meadville team with goalie Johnathan Leccia making acrobatic stops to prevent the deficit from increasing.  After stealing the ball at midfield, Nathan Pfennigwerth zig-zagged his way through the Meadville defense to find the back of the net for the Force cutting the lead to 4-1.  Shortly thereafter, Nathan found Carson Kerr in front of the goal with a cross that Kerr put home with gusto for his second goal of the season causing a frenzied uproar from the crowd and a grin from ear to ear from the head coach and player alike.  Ultimately, time was not on the side of the Force offensive rush as they ran out of time while trying to cut the deficit and even up the score.  Tristen Bliss continues to play aggressive defense while pushing the ball upfield while Emma Pfennigwerth found a new found aggressive streak after watching her brother get knocked around by the opponent.  Lauren Billingsley continues to push the offensive attack forward and had several opportunities but just couldn’t find the back of the net.  Koben Parry along with the duo of Eric and Alex Reynolds continue to contribute with smart and aggressive play that will improve as the season wears on.  Parry and the Reynolds boys hope to find the ball blazing past the goalie soon with their continued opportunities.  Next up for ORSA Kerr is the Mercer Graul team on 5/4 @ 12:15

U10 Kerr vs Mercer-Graul 4/13/14

posted Apr 13, 2014, 6:25 PM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

First PA West league game of the season for ORSA U10-Kerr.  Very impressive 6-0 win against the Mercer-Graul team.  
Everyone played well with a unified front and aggressive play.  Nathan Pfennigwerth scored twice to establish a 2-0 lead
and then Lauren Billingsley chipped in 2 more goals on the way to a comfortable 4-0 half time lead.  Strong defense by
Tristen Bliss and Emma Pfennigwerth as usual thwarting any scoring opportunities the Mercer team tried to establish.  
The second half had more solid play from the team on both offense and defense.  Johnathan Leccia had to come alive a
few times to save his shut out but the game was finally put to rest with the third goal by Nathan and a late goal by
Carson Kerr.  This was Kerr’s first goal on the season.  Koben Parry got his game legs on with Alex and Eric Reynolds
contributing both on offense and defense. Great way to start the season for the ORSA Force U10 Kerr Strikers!

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