TY Turbine Oil Filtration

TY Turbine Oil Filtration

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Applied for Unqualified Turbine Oil, especially the seriously emulsified turbine oil.

This series, which can repidly & effectively remove water, gas &impurities,  aiming at turbine oil nature of high water content, easily emulsified and high impurity content, make the oil reach new oil standard.



1. Breaking emulsification thoroughly---by Adopting  high-molecule material, After treatment, the oil is very difficult to be emulsified again.

2. Adopting high-technology dehydration method, can dewatering thoroughly. ------Can remove liquid water 100%, remove free water 100% and remove dissolved water 80%.

3. High Oil Cleaness after treatment-----can be reach NAS 6 Grade(NAS 1638)---With Zhongneng unique  Technology, can remove impurities completely by  Double FH Trapezoidal flit element and high-molecule absorbing together.

4. With the trapezoidal, spiral, automatic back flushing system.

5. With the advanced dielectric condensation device.

6. Can be work on-line with hydroturbine & Turbine automatically without person.

7. Its dehydration volume is large and It can drain off the water on line.

8. Can Prevent Lubrication System from damage, can effectively extend the lifetime of oil and protect Turbine & other machines.


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