This is a site just for us oilfield wives, a place to share stories, photos, and any kind of worries you might have. It takes a strong man to work in the oilfield, but a stronger woman to stand behind and support him. WE ARE THE BACKBONE OF THE OILFIELD, TAKE PRIDE IN IT!!
   It's not easy knowing all the risks our husbands take when they go to work, but we have to be strong for them and our children. When you think you can't be strong, and you want to give up, remember your a part of a sisterhood. A sisterhood that is always there for each other. Not many people know the struggles we go through on a day to day basis. Between the kids, pets, nagging families, and work you deserve to have a little you time. 
    Please feel free to tell your friends and family about this page, it might be the one thing that helps them get through the tough times!   

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