Some of the local sights, sounds and smells

Brunswick County NC and the Ocean Isle Beach area are home to some of the strangest, most interesting and sometimes just unexplainable phenomenon you could imagine.  Not only does Brunswick County have the Green Swamp that hosts "Carnivorous Plants" (the Swamp is a registered National Natural Landmark).  But we have many other sights, sounds and smelly creatures that defy imagination.

The Sights

Any trip to Brunswick County must include the incredible sights and lights that are found in our night skies. 

Here are some samples just from the local TV news.


The Sounds 

Brunswick County is home to the mysterious. Often we are awaken by strange sounds that defy logic.  One of the most popular of these are the strange booms heard over Brunswick County.

The Smells

And lets not forget our own version of the Bigfoot legend - "Ole Stinky". This 350 LB hominid roams from Pender County, NC to Horry County, SC with Brunswick County and the Green swamp in the middle. But don't take our word for it - read for yourself.