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posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:11 PM by Will Smith   [ updated May 23, 2015, 9:38 PM ]
There are several stories about orbs in the OIB area.  Here we put some of our favorite Orb stories that have made the press - that cover the range from UFO to Ghost sightings.  They are entertaining and informative - but they are all real reports from real news agencies

Mysterious Booms Puzzle Worlds Scientists

This one from the BBC

Mystery booms: What’s the cause?

Unidentified rumbles and noises like those heard in the US and UK this week are surprisingly common worldwide, says David Robson. What's behind them?

  • By David Robson
2 December 2014

The beginning of Armageddon, or an alien invasion? Over the weekend, people in the UK and parts of the US were awoken by loud, rumbling noises that were reportedly powerful enough to shake the glass of windows. It wasn’t long before alarmist hashtags, such as #omgwereallgoingtodie, began to appear on Twitter.

There’s no real need to panic, though; mysteriously loud noises have been reported for hundreds of years across the world. In Italian they are called “brontidi” (thunder-like); in Bangladesh they are “Barisal guns”. US citizens call them “skyquakes”, “moodus noises” and in North and South Carolina, “Seneca guns”. The writer Washington Irving even wrote a story about the mystery booms, which he playfully attributed to ghosts playing nine-pin bowling in the mountains.


Heres one from WWAY TV news:


Mysterious Loud 'Booms, and Sounds' Strike Cape Fear, N.C. 2/28/2012




Also from WWAY

UFOs over our area's airspace?

SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) -- Do you believe we are alone in the universe? Two area men say that a series of events dating back to 2012 have let them know that there is extraterrestrial life out there.

"In the beginning I was nervous at times being a family man with young children these lights are happening very close to my home,” said Joe Kiernan. “Very, very close just several hundred feet away and often times not much higher than the trees."

Brandon Brodsky and Joe Kiernan are two everyday guys who claim to see lights in the Carolina sky that are out of this world.

"When you see it usually most of the time it starts off as one orb, one orange orb that's almost see through and they will string out almost like they're birthing out of each other,” said Brandon Brodsky. “There's no sound. There are no helicopters or airplanes, nothing that could be explained."


Natural skeptic, the men have taken their sightings to the authorities and more often than not are left searching for answers.

"We’ve called many times the FAA to see if there have been any pilot reports of anything reported in the sky at that time,” said Kiernan. “We've checked with Shaw Air Force Base to see if they've had any training exercises going on. Usually on these very active night's there's nothing going on at all."

While many may be scared off by the experience the men say it has opened their mind up to a new world of thinking.

"We are not alone,” said Kiernan. “Realistically and mathematically I don't think it's possible. There's many more out there."

"It would just be kind of ignorant I think to say we're the only life form or the only intelligent life form in this whole universe that's constantly expanding,” said Brodsky.

Both Kiernan and Brodsky say they know there will be naysayers, but they invite each of you to come out for a night of star gazing. 

Heres one from WECT TV news:

Posted: Oct 27, 2011 6:15 PM EDTUpdated: Oct 31, 2011 5:35 PM EDT

Source: WMBF News
OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC (WMBF/WECT) – Myrtle Beach business owner Gary Travis doesn't know what he saw off shore one night. But as an experienced pilot of 37 years, he knew he wasn't looking at an airplane.

Travis was visiting a friend in Ocean Isle Beach when he pulled out his camcorder to capture lighting above the ocean. Instead, he shot video of a series of bright orange lights littering the sky.

At first, he thought they were landing lights, but then they started moving all over the place.

"I'd never seen anything like it," said Travis, "Not in my experience."

Some on the island say it was probably the military carrying out exercises, while others say Travis' encounter of seeing a mysterious light shoot out at 100 mph is no big deal.

Larry Phillips says he's seen a bigger and faster mysterious light shoot quickly across the sky in his home state of Texas.

"We saw an airplane moving and it passed [Travis' footage] up," said Phillips. It was on the local news there."

However, Travis' trained eye alerted him that the lights could not be from a regular aircraft."These lights seem to snap on and off like someone flipped a switch," he said. "I even saw them rotate around each other and that's not going to happen on an airplane."

Reports of UFO sightings like these are reported fairly frequently in the Grand Strand area. Local paranormal investigators say it's exciting to check out each claim, but they have to use a healthy dose of skepticism in their investigation.

"The first thing is credibility," says EJ Lukacs of the Athena Research Group. He and his wife, Rebeccah investigate paranormal activity on the Grand Strand. "You need to look at the caller. What are they saying? What are they claiming?"

And when it comes to reporting claims of UFO's, there are actually lots of websites and groups that keep track of sightings throughout the Carolinas. But experts say there's definitely one group you shouldn't call.

"Contact any paranormal group, they're happy to help," says Lukacs. "But don't call the police, they've got better things to do."

Copyright 2011 WMBF/WECT. All rights reserved.

Our Next Report comes from the Open Minds News Webcast
In this edition of the Open Minds Update, Maureen Elsberry's lead report on a pilot's UFO video from Myrtle Beach, SC shot at Ocean Isle beach there are other reports as well - but the lead is about orbs at OIB.
In this next report we have a haunted restuarant reported by the North Myrtle Beach Times.  The Brentwood is in Little River SC just 15 miles down the coast from OIB.

Ghosts keep things lively at The Brentwood Restaurant


The Brentwood Restaurant was a private home built in 1910 and later moved to its present location in Little River. Photo by Tom O’Dare
By Tom O’Dare
Clarence and Essie Bessent-McCorsley built a beautiful Victorian style house in Little River in 1910. The McCorsleys raised their four children in the spacious home.  When Clarence passed away in the 1940s, Essie would rent rooms to fishermen from the Little River docks for $1 a night. If they wanted a big country breakfast it would cost an extra 50 cents.

After the family had moved on, the house was moved across Highway 17 in the 1970s, perched atop a hill away from the busy road. A restaurant set up shop in the old house, serving home cooking. In the early 1980s, the restaurant closed; the stately house sitting vacant. Then the Brentwood brothers from New York purchased the property, restored the house and opened The Brentwood Restaurant.  For 13 years, The Brentwood was featured as one of the top restaurants in the area. When the brothers decided to retire, they tabbed Eric and Kim Masson to take over the establishment.

Today, the upscale restaurant attracts customers from near and far to enjoy its French cuisine. But the restaurant also apparently attracts other things besides hungry customers—ghosts.

Masson said he has never put much credence into ghosts or apparitions but things occurring at the restaurant have caused him to perhaps think otherwise.
He said he had noticed some strange things but had always figured there was a logical explanation for them. But something happened, several times, with a new dishwasher that caused him to rethink the other odd occurrences.
“I walked by the dishwasher one night and it just came on all by itself,” Masson said. “The top was open so it wasn’t supposed to start. It occurred again when I walked by and when my wife walked by. I checked with the manufacturer and they said there was no way it could come on with the top open.”
From that point, he began to realize that something just wasn’t normal in his restaurant.

An old picture of a couple had hung in the downstairs bathroom. When Masson went to move it to another location, he heard a loud female voice outside the bathroom. Then he heard noises upstairs. He found a glass broken in the middle of the room. His problem was—there was no one else in the building besides him.
The picture was put back in its original place and is still hanging in the downstairs bathroom.

“I’m normally a grounded person,” Masson said. “But there have been too many strange things going on not to think that something is causing these things.”
He spoke of lights flickering for no apparent reason. Other glasses have flown from the bar across the room and broken in the middle of the floor. People have been stuck in the upstairs bathroom, yet the lock on the door worked fine afterwards. Pictures taken of people dining show orbs of light hovering over their heads when the pictures are developed.

Also there is a weblink for a SC Now Newscast about the Brentwood called:


Little River restaurant owners share first hand ghost stories

The link for the video of the news cast is below.