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Some of Our Favorite Haunts Around the County

The stone garden at the site of the MACO Light Train Crash
. A site where the government has gone to the great lengths to stop the Maco light including covering the original crash site with a 1 mile long concrete slab, cutting the track for a mile in both directions and forcing trains the still stop at the active quarry nearby to collect their cargo on a deadend rail line - yet at the original site of the crash small stone monuments have appeared - in the shape of a rail line.
The video below is a little amateurish - but the end of it has an actual image of the Maco light and it is amazing to see.

YouTube Video

The creepy image of Hickory Hall Mansion. Hickory Hall was the site of 1840s medical experimentation on Slaves where residents and workman alike have reported strange sounds and clanking chains.   A 21 acre waterfront Plantation from the 1800s, abandoned, sealed off behind barbed wire, and yet no sign to shows its existence in one of the most visted tourist sites (Calabash) in NC.
Mt Misery Road.  This stretch of road is famous for where they marched slaves from the nearby waterway docks across northern brunswick county to the old state road (now 87) for sale in Fayetteville.  This route has spots that can be creepy in day or night, when we searched a stretch of road that was one of the first plateaus you reach coming up from the water there was an oak patch that was truly eriee.   It had several old stone road markers smashed and scattered and a constant wind that only blew on that spot and no where else. Not a camping spot I would recommend.
 Brentwood Restaurant In Little River.  Congratulations to the Brentwood Restaurant being named the top haunted location on the Grand Strand. The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro, Little River, South Carolina Drawing paranormal-research conferences, A&E's My Ghost Story crew, and numerous investigation groups, The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro has been called the most haunted location on the Grand Strand. It's just north of Myrtle Beach's main drag in a 103-year-old Victorian home. The restaurant owners have embraced the supernatural, saying they've never felt threatened. They regularly plan special-event dinners with psychics. The site is famous for strange voices, strange sounds, doors opening, closing and sometimes locking.  Also famous for its Key-lime pie. 
The Southport Ghost Walk - The Southport Ghost Walk is a great edition to our counties Ghost Lore and legend and they have posted a video that  covers their tour nicely - so enjoy.

YouTube Video

 The Bald Head Island Ghost Tour. Always a favorite with Brunswick County locals is the Bald Head island Ghost Tour. http://www.riversideadventure.com/ghost-walk.html