Ward 40

A request for information regarding the lives of the children and staff of Ward 40
McKenzie Hall also known as "Ward 40" was a two story fortress constructed in 1975 on the north campus of the Oregon State Hospital. It was constructed to serve emotionally disturbed children and  was, according to the children that lived there,  "A collection of suffering".

The stories that you will find on this site are gathered as script research for a screenplay I am writing. I have asked for information and stories from both staff and patients of Ward 40. Please post only what you know to be true.

Ray Thompson
Screenwriter "Ward 40"
Ward 40 never witnessed the effects of the lobotomy. Chemical sedation was the norm on Ward 40.

There were more then 1100 lobotomies preformed at The Oregon State Hospital.

Lobotomy was a mainstream procedure that consisted of cutting away the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex. It was very popular among most U.S. Institutions.
Dr Freeman traveled the country in a station wagon he called the Lobotomobile.
He taught doctors nationwide the simple procedure.

The effects of the procedure were permanent.

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