Advisory Committee

To maintain Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that meet current occupational needs, CTE educators rely heavily on advice from business and industry. An important step in establishing, maintaining, or up-grading an existing CTE
cluster/pathway is the organization of a local Advisory Committee.

An Advisory Committee is

a group of persons outside the education profession, comprised of representative lay-people, recognized and respected in their own fields of work who advise CTE educators, administrators, and local board of education members regarding clusters/pathways, based on the employment needs of the community, state, regional, national, and international marketplace.

The general functions

are to act in an advisory capacity for the development and operation of the CTE cluster/pathway.

An Advisory Committee can assist in answering

Are students being prepared for the future job market? What should the training include? Is curriculum addressing industry needs? How can instructors verify competencies to industry standards? What industry validated credentials (includes certificates or licenses) are available within the cluster/pathway?

Advisory Committees offer many services

They assist with the cluster/pathway development. They provide advice that is not easily obtainable elsewhere. They assist in public relations activities. They offer different points of view. They can actively aid in the placement of graduates. They assist in keeping educational programs up-to-date. They assist in transition to post secondary education and training. They can offer training sites for internships or "live" work for In-House Training (IHT).

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Ryan Cobbs,
Jun 3, 2010, 12:21 PM
Ryan Cobbs,
Jun 3, 2010, 12:21 PM