100% Renewable Energy Campaign


100% renewable energy, complete reduction in fossil carbon emissions, is a pre-requisite to avert global climate disruptions which are already being experienced. True sustainability means ending dependency on fossil carbon - the human cause of global climate disruption.


Both the ANC government and the DA opposition support the continued financing of fossil carbon exploration, extraction and emissions that worsen global climate disruptions, while dedicating only token sums to renewable energy. The World Bank has recently defied the recommendation of its own Extractive Industries Review which calls for the phasing out of financing for coal, oil and gas extraction.


If existing coal fired stations and oil refineries are simply allowed to run their life cycle without building replacements and without major overhauls, then we will need to move to 100% renewable energy before 2030. This could be achieved earlier with appropriate economic mechanisms and political will. The so-called ‘perverse subsidies’ of the fossil carbon industries and high electricity user aluminium smelters need to be stopped urgently; a fossil carbon tax must introduced on extraction and imports, while renewable energy is cross subsidised.


Sustainable City Exhibition taking place on the 13th to 15th August 2010 at the Durban Exhibition Centre, Hall 2, 11 Walnut Road , Durban
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