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The Grand Tradition- Fallbrook, Ca


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The Grand Tradition-Arbor Terrace

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The Grand Tradition is in Fallbrook, Ca. This place is SO beautiful. You feel like you are in a tropical paradise. What I love about it, is that when you walk into the location, you see the tent to the left, but then there is a winding path in front of you, and you can't tell where it leads you. So you follow the path around, and then all of the sudden you see a giant pond (like the image below) or a waterfall, or just some more beautiful landscaping. There are so many great photo opportunities. It is amazing, full of surprises around every corner! I will put more images up when I can take some myself because the website images do not do it justice.


This is one of the many beautiful surprises!

Here is one of the best photo spots!

Here is the ceremony location. Behind the bridal party is an amazing waterfall and more beautiful flowers and trees!

Practicing Our Walk....