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My Dress

I found these first images that someone else posted. I'm sorry I don't remember where I found them, but I think that they were from an ebay posting lol.


Anyways, my dress is the Maggie Sottero Victoriana in Ivory. It's funny because I had looked on the maggie website prior to trying on dresses, and I picked out about 10 or so that I loved! They were all kind of simple, elegant, not a whole lot of detail, and of course, the Victoriana was NOT one of them haha! All the simple dresses just felt like something I would have worn to prom, and the Victoriana truly felt "Bride-esque". It is totally a princess dress, and it was definitely not what I had pictured myself in, but omg I LOVE it. Esp since the back is a corset, it makes you drop 15lbs instantly!


Here is the Front


The Back

The Details


So here it is!!! Its kind of big in the boob area right now... not sure how I am going to fix that yet... I really dont want to have it altered..way too expensive... So.. hopefully with a strapless bra and some fake boobie inserts it will be ok... we shall see :O)
















The Bridesmaids Dresses

  Bill Levkoff #310 in Sage Green! the dress is SO flattering on everyone! I love it!

Hair Ideas

Everyone keeps trying to get me to wear my hair up, and typically, I HATE my hair all the way up..But recently I was the MOH in my best friends wedding and my hair was all the way up and it didn't look too bad. I was also in really good shape then haha, but nonetheless, not so bad. Soooo, I have decided that if I wear it up, I really like the loose, relaxed look, it just depends if someone can make it look good on me :O)

My other option, which I think I like better, but again, I will just have to see if my hair dresser can make it look good, is all the way down and wavy, or a combo of the 2 with my hair in a back/side pony tail with waves and loose bangs....

I love this hairstyle.. but I would want it to look a little more "tailored" like the one above..


This is how I wore my hair for one of my best friends weddings... could be an option :O)

Hair Trial

My Dress: Maggie Sottero-Victoriana

Bridesmaids Dress: Bill Levkoff # 310 in Sage

Photographer: Further Photography

Colors: Green, lots of green, Ivory and Peachy/pink