The Decor
My Ideas so far.....


The Background

The Engagement

The Look

The Location

All Things Paper


I have always wanted Peach Roses to be incorporated in my wedding because they were my grandma's favorite. But I love very contemporary designs. So, we have decided to go bold and contemporary with Black, White & Green, and a small pop of Peach (or a pinky/orange color :O)











This was the centerpiece I wanted from but its not going to work out.. but I wanted to leave it up because it is so pretty


  Bouquet s

Lots of green hydrangeas. I think they are out of season though, so they might be silk, but I don't care. Lots of white and green roses


These are for the Bridesmaids:



Im thinking this one for me, but maybe with the brighter roses below.

For the Isle

Flower balls!!! Thats all I really want for the isle. There is so much beautiful landscaping that I don't need much. These are from knottie vintageglam..Hers are paper and I love them! If they are real, I would make them out of carnations.. Not this color, again, a more pinky-orange color and hung with a green ribbon..LOVE IT! 


Official Centerpiece/Table Setup 

So this is the official look I am going for... White linens, black square containers...and different flowers in each container..all greens :O) I cant get the black stem ware, so I will have black or green napkins for an extra pop instead


These are some different greens that i would like to be in the containers


YES we are having a lounge! I think this is what I am the most excited for!! It will be behind our sweetheart table next to the fire place!!!!! I would love love to have the Barcelona Chairs, but they are a lil to 'spensive lol.. But the other sofa pictured we will have (2 of them) and 2 matching chairs.


Other Decor


I love the idea of fruit (fake or real) in the glass vases.



I love how romantic it looks with flowers in the candles. I think I might do something like this with bright green orchids...


Cake Ideas

I love the look of these cakes; the dots one is my favorite, but with green ribbon like the first one... and I plan on having it made of FUNFETTI!!! who says I cant embrace my little kidness with a little pilsbury doughboy :O)