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The Engagement

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How we Met


We met 5 years ago at a friends bbq right after we had both just broken up with our significant others. He was the handsome boy in the black shirt, and I (apparently) was the girl with the nice butt! Haha. That first night we spent playing hi card low card all night and talking about random things that we both liked. What really made me interested in him, was not only his rediculously good looks (lol had to say that) but the fact that when he was little he liked to go frog catching! haha. I used to ALWAYS do that when I was little, and I never met anyone else that loved it too lol. So needless to say, for our first official date, we went frog catching in a near by creek, it was perfect. I knew from the second I met him, he would be the most amazing boyfriend/ possibly husband. He has taken me on the best dates I have EVER been on. He is romantic, smart, driven, funny, and cares so much about me. I can't tell you how many times I have come home to a candle lit house, with romantic music, flowers, wine, and maybe a sexy little outfit. He truly takes my breath away... 

This is my favorite picture of him... I love love love it when he has a huge smile on his face.. super sexy....makes me melt :O)

Ya we are hard core...


chickenhead means what!?!?!

Its hard to see in the background, but I came home one night to twinkle lights strung from the ceiling in our bedroom, and every single plant we own in there as well!

He would kill me if he knew I posted this. HA!  Two of a kind :O)

 Our Family

I had to include it :O) These are our babies. Murphy and Morgan.

Me and our pups!

Morgan enjoys her baths..

   She was so cute when she was little!

This is Mr. Murphy-often a pain in the butt. One ear up, one ear down... thats the way we roll!