The Engagement
The Story is Long, But worth it I SWEAR!


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So first off, you have to know that I had thought it could happen this weekend, but I had completely convinced myself that it wasnt going to happen....

This weekend we went to Vegas in celebration of my graduation

Ok so we get to vegas and we check in at the MGM grand, and we are staying at "the signature"..Now neither of us knew that it is completely separate from the hotel itself. But it was SO cool looking and we got a suite on the 30th floor, which apparantly is considered penthouse, but its not on the top floor, notheless it was such a cool room! Anyways we get there and we are supposed to have massage appointments at 4:30, but they had accidentally scheduled us for the next day instead. We were a little bummed, but it was ok. So we went back to the room to relax a little and then started getting ready to go out at 5 ish (we had dinner reservations at 7) So as I am putting my makeup on I realize that the lighting in the bathroom was horrible! i was getting frusterated because I couldnt really tell if the colors were showing up, so i keep putting more on, but I am getting scared that i am gonna go outside and look like circus clown lady.. Anyways I finish up and go look in another mirror, and come to see that my makeup looks better than it has EVER looked before!.. I was like OMG? this is weird...but whatever, I continue to do my hair (now on a side note, I had taken a shower early that morning before we drove out, and of course it had rained a little and therefore I was having a horrible hair day) So I go to the mirror to brush my hair and for some reason my hair looked perfect! And again I was like WOAH!?! What the heck is going on, are the stars aligning or something? hahaha... Then I go to put my dress on (which I had tried on for the first time the night before and it had been kinda tight on me, but I was gonna wear it anyways). So I get it on and have Jerod help me zip it up, expecting to have to suck in.. and the dress was LOOSE! So once again I'm thinking OMG! Everything is perfect right now, it would be so cool if he proposed tonight, but no, I wouldnt let myself think that, because I didnt want to be disappointed..So we go to the lounge in the hotel and have a glass of wine, and as we are sitting down I look around and there are peach roses everywhere! (Peach roses in my family have always been a sign/symbol of my grandma..good things always happen when we see them) So I'm freaking out like "OMG! can this get anymore ironic?!?" I text my mom to tell her that, still not thinking I will get engaged but just thinking WOW, what a cool thing to happen...Then we go to dinner at a sushi place.. It was soo good. We were having a great time. After dinner we went to mandalay bay to walk through the shark reef thing ( and in my head I was like "Ok, if its happening tonight, it would happen in here") It was very cool, but no proposal. I wasnt upset, because I had told myself it wasnt happening this weekend, and we had a super awesome night anyways..Then we go back to the hotel room. He opens up the expensive bottle of champagne he had brought, put on a little frank sinatra in the back ground, we danced around the hotel room together, and then he proceeded to give me a toast. He said "I am so proud of you for graduating, and for finding a new job, and I cant wait to get our house.. We will have so much fun, and so many fun parties...." By now I'm still not thinking anything of this conversation, it's pretty normal for us to get excited about the house... but then he says "but you know what would make it so much better.... if you would marry me" !!!!! I was like "What!?!? Are you for real???" hahahaha I was SO caught off guard. I was thinking "I thought this could happen, but I told myself it wouldnt...and now it is!" It was SO great!


To top off an already amazing weekend, Jerod surprised me again the next day by having all of my best friends there to celebrate with us! Truly an AMAZING weekend.



Side Note: My Fiance selected my ring all by himself! I had told him that I wanted a Princess cut Diamond that had diamonds and/or some sort of detail on the outsides and insides of the ring, and I wanted it to look antique or vintagey. What a wonderful job he did!