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Self-produced Sensorbar

While DarwiinRemote supports IR Sensor, we couldn't use IR without Wii Sensorbar. This video which I made shows how to make a Sensorbar by youself.

STEP 0 Prepare materials

  • 3 IR-LEDs ( I bought 100LEDs at $5)
  • USB Cable
  • Conducting wire

STEP 1 Break your USB cable

 USB cable is hard to strip, so you may be careful not to hurt your hands.
After finishing it, 4 cables are come out. Black cable is GND, and Red is +5V.

STEP 2 Connect your IR-LED

USB power feeding is 5V and my LED's  DC forward voltage is 1.25V(Max is 1.8V), so I connect 3 LEDs in series.
If it doesn't work, you may include appropriate registences.

Last STEP Connect USB cable to PC

Finally you can connect USB cable to PC and mount LEDs anywhere you like.
Then you can enjoy :-).

If you bother with your Sensorbar, you can try this.

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