Professional Vision Services

Contact Lens Services:
- Our extensive contact lens services include fitting evaluations for astigmatism
and multifocal soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses.
- Patients can receive diagnostic contact lenses and often a one year
supply of lenses on the day of service or within one week.
LASIK and Ocular Surgery Consultations:
- Our doctors perform surgical evaluations and educate patients about
proper surgical considerations if recommended.
- Pre/Postoperative surgical examinations are provided at
both Ohio Vision Group office locations.
Treatment and Management of Eye Disease:
- Our primary care optometrists treat various conditions such
as glaucoma, cataracts, conjunctivitis, and dry eye.
- Ophthalmology referrals are readily available with our extended
network of eye specialists,including onsite consultations
by Columbus Ophthalmology Associates. 
Urgent Care Eye Emergencies:
- We see patients immediately for ocular emergencies such
as injuries, infections, and sudden loss of vision.
- Staff doctors are on call after hours and their emergency contact
numbers are listed on our telephone answering service.