More the Merrier Shape Note Singers

Louisville Kentucky

founder: Tim Morton

This group was started by Tim Morton who was sitting at a bus stop on Lexington road when a friend called.  The friend was at a Shape Note Meeting and Tim became interested with the sounds coming across his cell phone

Several internet researches later and the purchasing of the DVD "Awake My Soul", Tim started showing his friends the DVD and before long a small group got started. 

A couple weeks later driving down a Louisville street, Tim saw a license plate with FASOLA on it.  It was my wife's (Pat Meek) mini-van.  At a stoplight Tim shouted out to my wife if the car tag related to Sacred Harp.  She said yes and told him to look us up on  Our two groups finally met.



Tim has moved into his new house located at 2055 South Shelby.  Keep an eye out for "flash singings" at Tim's new digs!!

Cover Story From Leo Magazine