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Pictures and Video Clips 

CAMP 2010

No, they did not all came down to Camp on the Harley

The Kentuckiana group (OK, OK for the Hoosiers only, the Indyucky group) that went to Camp Fasola in 2010.  Apologies to Bill Haynes who went to Adult Fasola Camp that I was not able to find a picture of.  Most of all the pictures and slideshow was taken by Darrell Swaren.  (Thanks Darrell)

Enjoy the Slideshow

The following is a report from Bill Hayes on Adult Fasola Camp

"Camp this year was even better than last year.  While attendance was down a little from last year, we still had a very large group.  The accommodations at the camp are very nice.  The price of the camp includes a motel type room and three good meals each day.  the grounds are very large and there are numerous additional activities in addition to the singing and classes.  I spend about 150 days a year in hotels throughout the country as a corporate pilot and I must say that the price for the camp is really a very good value considering it includes room, meals, and the singing school classes.

This year they included more singing in all of the classes.  All of the instructors were truly outstanding.  I really don't know what else to say, except I'm going again next year.  It's one event that I'm looking forward to attending again."

Wm. M. Hayes
Louisville, KY