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Phone Banking

WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR:  This is ideal for (1) someone who cannot commit a lot of time to a specific committee but wants to help out when needed (2) someone who is interested in directing most of their volunteer efforts on a specific committee but still wishes to be involved in other efforts with a minimum of time effort.  


WHAT TO EXPECT: The ideal phone banking will be in the form of a “party”.  Several volunteers will gather in one location to make calls from their cell phones (be sure to have a full charge and bring a charger.)  Volunteers will be briefed on the purpose of the call and will be given a list, a sample script and what, if any, information is to be obtained.  Volunteers may or may not be asked to make a follow up call for confirmation purposes.  Refreshments may or may not be provided.  Location is dependent on the committee members and volunteers involved.


TIME COMMITMENT:  There are no schedules for anything at this time but would typically take place on a weekday evening for a couple hours.  This will be on an as-needed basis.  You can give one hour or five – whatever you can do. 


IMPORTANCE:  To help support various committees that have a periodic need to make phone calls to members, prospective volunteers, prospective supporters, etc.
Phone: 330-627-7163