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Gas companies are approaching people in Northeast Ohio to sign leases to permit gas drilling on their land and plan to use the hydraulic fracturing method called “fracking”. This is not the same as vertical drilling which has been used in the past. Fracking can cause long-term health and environmental problems affecting everyone in our county and beyond. How will fracking affect you? Find out the facts and get involved.
  • A loophole in the 2005 Energy Bill exempts gas drillers from EPA guidelines like the Clean Water Act

  • Drilling emits Nitrogen Oxide and Volatile Organic Compounds, resulting in destructive surface smog
  • Researchers suspect that 65 of the compounds found in fracking are hazardous to human health
  • Over 80,000 pounds of chemicals are injected into the earth’s crust to frack each well
  • Upward of 70% of the Fracking Fluid remains in the ground and is not biodegradable
  • Fracking fluids calls for 2 million gallons of water transported by up to 100 water carriers

           To find out more :      A trailer for a documentary on this important subject can be found at www.gaslandthemovie.com/trailer

Walmart is looking to build two new buildings on Rothrock Road in the Montrose shopping area, west of 1-77 and south of S.R. 18. and will subsequently vacate their existing buildings.  This construction will create major increases in traffic on a low traffic road, create a probable taxpayer burden for as much as $6 million to cover the cost of new road reconstruction and leave two large existing stores empty with no assurance of replacement tenants.

Environmental and habitat consequences are severe with the development of 37 previously undeveloped acres, including the destruction of 1.58 acres of wetlands and disruption of 1,498 feet of stream.

A public meetting was held by the Ohio EPA to comment and review such comments.


Two years of failed policy by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) - has left Ohio landowners without the protections afforded by the Ohio Constitutional Amendment approved by voters in 2008. Carroll Concerned Citizens and The Ohio Environmental Council, who have been fighting for landowner's water rights, will announce their intended actions with ODNR and the Ohio Inspector General at their December 4 joint press conference.

According to Paul Feezel, Carroll Concerned Citizens' chair (and Sierra Club - Portage Trail Group president), "ODNR is giving away valuable property that all Ohio landowners purchased with their land. These rights are separate from other mineral rights and have been affirmed by the Ohio Supreme Court and the 2008 Constitutional Amendment. We intend to use all legal means to protect those rights against ODNR's unconstitutional takings."

A joint press conference was held at a local Carrollton resident's home that overlooks a proposed Rosebud Mining Company subsurface mine portal. Speakers will include Trent Dougherty - Director of Legal Affairs from The Ohio Environmental Council, as well as, Ohio landowners affected by unconstitutional water takings.

CONTACT: Paul Feezel 330-627-7163 or paul@distractedbynature.com
ADDITIONAL INFO:  Carroll Concerned Citizens and Ohio Environmental Council

A film about MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL COAL MINING              

Produced by Mari-Lynn Evans of Akron, Ohio

COAL COUNTRY tells of the dramatic struggle around the use of coal, which provides over half the electricity in America. In Appalachia, miners and residents are locked in conflict: is mining and processing coal essential to providing good jobs, or is it destroying the land, water and air? What does this mean for the rest of America and the world?