Columbus Prevention Convention

Welcome/About Ohio SADD

Students Against Destructive Decisions 
              Teens Helping Teens Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

For over 30 years, SADD has been empowering teens to speak up and make smart choices. In today's world, teens are faced with some scary choices and realities. This is where the over 10,000 chapters of SADD across the US come together to encourage teens to think about the consequences of their behaviors and have their friends do the same. In Ohio, there are over 300 chapters of SADD

Ohio SADD is sponsored through a generous grant by the Ohio Department of Public Safety. We are committed to provide effective and relevant tools to all student groups to help teens make smart choices behind the wheel. Car crashes continue to be the number one killer of 16-25 year olds. If we wish to change these scary facts, we must speak up as parents, teens, and community members.