I had Brian come out and look at our home, and he represented
us with our melted siding, and Brian and Metro were able to help
us get a nice settlement to replace the siding on the back of our home.

I had Brian and Metro Represent me and my Hardwood floor,
where my son dropped a knife, and gouged the floor. 
They got me a nice Settlement, far above what I was expecting.


I had a Pipe Break, and water damaged my Kitchen, and Restroom upstairs.
I called my insurance, and they came out and looked at my claim,
 and I got a settlement of $1063.00
Brian came out and helped me re-assess the damages, and Metro then
represented me, and I got another $15,000 something ... Thanks Metro, and Brian,
Job well done.     -Ethel

This a Video from a Fire Victim, who thought it should be known the value of a Hiring a Public Adjuster!
He mentions Greenspan, and We are much bigger, and licensed nationwide!