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2015/12/18 : Renew Waiver documents.

A Permanent is like a brevet but you can arrange to ride it any time, not just on one specific date established by the organizer. Like brevets, routes can start and finish in the same location, but they can also run point-to-point, and can be any distance of 200km+ (100-199km for a Permanent Populaire). You must be a RUSA member to ride a Permanent (or a member of another ACP-affiliated country organization.) A Permanent may be ridden alone or with a group.

Credit and Awards
Permanent rides in the US are validated by RUSA; therefore, they do not count toward any ACP awards nor do they serve as qualifiers for PBP or other foreign events, such as RM 1200k's. However, a Permanent counts toward RUSA's annual distance award and R-12 award. (Permanent Populaires count toward the RUSA P-12 award as well as toward RUSA's annual distance awards.) A Permanent may serve as a qualifier for a US-based 1200km randonnée or other event at the discretion of the event organizer. 

Steps (RUSA member or member of another ACP-affiliated country organization only)

1. Download Permanent Registration and Waiver from this Site. Then fill out all details including ride date and start time.then, mail me these documents and registration fee 10 days before the ride. Also, I can accept Photo copy of document by e-mail attachment. Online payment is available now. See detail information on each Permanent page. Contact me if you have question.

2. I will mail you Permanent card and Cue Sheet. Also, you can download GPS data and map from this site.

3. After your ride, send back the signed permanent card with your receipts within 10 days. If you don't finish or don't start, you should notice to me.

More Inforamtion
    Rule for Permanents Riders
    Permanent FAQ
    Search Permanent Route

    Ohio Randonneurs
    Louisville Bicycle Club    

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Permanents Populaire (100K-199K)
 Route and Detail informationStart
 Map Form
1680 Loveland - Cowan Lake Loveland, OH 127 2665CueMapForm
 1681Loveland - Caesar Creek  Loveland, OH 106 2680CueMapForm
 1693Loveland - Ohio River 
 Loveland, OH 132 2515CueMapFrom
2071Lebanon - Xenia PopulaireLebanon, OH 115 1830CueMapForm
 2644Up & Down the River  Cincinnati, OH 1382400 Cue MapForm 
2806Harrison - Brookville Lake Populaire  Harrison, OH113 2700CueMapForm
3435Rabbit Hash Populaire Cincinnati,
113 3340 CueMapForm
3453Adams County Populaire  Sardinia, OH1042630CueMapForm

Permanents (200K - )
 Route and Detail informationStart
 Map Form
779Loveland - SeamanLoveland, OH2216960CueMapForm
793Mason - RichmondMason, OH2195640Cue MapForm
798Milford - Ohio RiverMilford, OH 2034600CueMapForm
849 Blue Ash - Caesar Creek Blue Ash, OH2065170CueMapForm
957Loveland - Adams County Loveland, OH2085220CueMapForm
964Loveland - Shawnee State Forest Loveland, OH3129850CueMapForm
1245Loveland - Little Miami Scenic Trail Loveland, OH2092275CueMapForm
1254Loveland - Oxford Loveland, OH2266770CueMapForm
1255Yellow Spring - Little Miami Scenic Trail Yellow Spring, OH2192870CueMapForm
1265 Loveland - Prairie Grass Trail Loveland, OH2462400CueMapForm
1280 London - Little Miami Scenic Trail London, OH2422400CueMapForm
1281 Loveland - Rabbit Hash Loveland, OH2068340CueMapForm
1312Loveland - Augusta Loveland, OH22710000CueMapForm
1324 Loveland - Rabbit Hash Long Loop Loveland, OH 30413380CueMapForm
1479Mason - New CastleMason, OH3027000CueMapForm
1480Mason GreenfieldMason, OH4128550CueMapForm
1930Greenfield, IN - Mason, OH Greenfield, IN 4188850CueMapForm
 2068Loveland - AthensLoveland or Athens, OH  2176200N/AN/AForm
 3636Trail Explorer 600Loveland, OH  607 5830 Cue MapForm 
Elevation calculated by Ride with GPS (for my experience, actual elevation is 10-20% less than above)

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